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5 hours ago, jwvolz said:

No sails for me Allan.


I'm not sure I could pull them off well, and don't want to ruin my efforts with sub-par sails. 

Joe, take a look at this tutorial about making sails by Tomculb in his Spray build log:





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Shrouds are installed as well as all of the bowsprit rigging. All of the shrouds (masts and bowsprit) are served over their entire length. It seems to take forever and gets a bit tedious, but it does add a lot going to the effort to do it. The pin racks have also been installed between the deadeyes and seized. 




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Posted (edited)

Worked on the stays and topmast hardware.


At least the stays are only served at either end, unlike full length on the shrouds; still a lot of serving. Made shackles from brass wire as well as the topmast crane. Bails for the stay and figure 8 links for the topmast stays are also made from brass wire. The small gray circles in a few of the pictures are Grandt line bolts/washers, used to simulate anywhere a bolt head would be. They add a lot in this scale. You can see them painted in a few of the other photos, especially on the mast cheeks. The Model Shipways plans are very good with this detail. 





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Joe, I'm ashamed to say I've only just seen your build here.  You are doing an outstanding job, and your rigging looks fantastic.  Taking the time to serve all those lines is definitely worth it, and something that is maybe possible (and remain sane) on a ship with less rigging than the typical man o' war.


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12 hours ago, Yorky said:

What wonderful detail and clean lines. Very impressive and it gives us newbies something to aim for.


May I ask your method for serving the lines?

Thanks Yorky


I use a Domanoff serving machine, and use Gutterman thread for the serving. 

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I have completed the ratlines on both masts, which really wasn't too bad with the limited number of shrouds. Lantern boards were built and painted and secured with thin brass brackets seized to the shrouds per the plans. I also soldered up the topmast spreaders from brass wire and seized those to the shrouds as well, to keep the stay clear of the lantern boards. 


I didn't really document the booms being fabricated and assembled/painted, but their installation has begun. The hardware was made from various brass strips and wire. Their rigging has also begun with sheets and topping lifts run. I am using Bluejacket blocks, as Latham had internally stropped blocks, and Syren line for the running rigging. 





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