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Gift for 50th B Day

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Hey Group,

About to hit a milestone next month and the wife is asking what I want.  I really would love more time in the workshop - LOL.  However probably another tool is probably an easier ask.  Here's what Ive collected over the past few years (I use all of them).  The major three Byrnes tools (saw, sander and thickness sander), Proxxon thickness planer, Dewalt Scroll Saw on Stand, Spindle Sander, Proxxon MF 70 Mill and a really nice set of Lie Neilsen chisels.  Only thing i may be missing is a lathe ?  


Any suggestions are appreciated - Im a scratch builder with the occasion cheat from Syren Ship Models. 

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You deserve to get a lathe for your 50th.  The Sherline is the Cadillac of small lathes - at least until Byrnes makes one.  Look at the Taig lathe    https://taigtools.com/dealers/

I was completely happy with the one I had for several years until a club member offered me a Sherline for a price I couldn't pass up.  I hung onto the Taig for some time before selling it to another club member because I thought that having two lathes might be convenient as multiple small table saws are to me.  It wasn't like having the multiple saws so I sold it.  I know others who own Taigs and all are very happy with them

Not being a machinist by any stretch of the imagination the Taig was completely adequate - but if one is an accomplished machinist the Sherline will do things the Taig just can't do.





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