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Intrepid (or more likely foolhardy!) newbie


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A couple of weeks ago, whilst on holiday in Lerici, Italy, I happened to come across a box in a junk shop containing the Mamoli 1:55 model kit Roter Lowe. The shop wanted €5 (about US$6) for the kit, but could (needless to say!), offer no guarantee that all parts were included! However, for €5 it seemed worth a punt and the plastic box of parts and other component bags were unopened (although a couple of spars were broken -but looked as if they could be repaired)!

This is my first model build and I must admit that it is proving challenging, not helped by the very poor English translation of the Mamoli Italian instructions. I have some prior experience of building & restoring classic boats (including the full restoration of an 18'6" (5.6m) 1914 open steam launch and the construction of a 24" (7.3m) replica of a saloon steam launch -see photos). In many ways constructing a model is proving more demanding than building a full size boat -the margin of error is much smaller.

I've started the construction of my Roter Lowe and have been greatly helped by the Build Log posted by Stevinne and the various comments/postings by other members. However, the last posting was in March 2018 -so I'm not sure if the project has stalled/sunk? I'm now at the point where Stevinne's last posting ended -I'm just making bow fillers to help bend/secure the initial layer of planking.

My question is should I tag-on to the end of the Stevinne posting, or should I start a new build log?

Any advise much appreciated!

Roter Lowe 17-10-19.JPG



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