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Titanic by highlanderburial - Academy - 1/400 - with laser-cut deck

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I have the LED version of this model and I am planning this is my next build.


Glad to see someone paving the way.


May I ask who was the manufacturer for the photo etch you purchased. My kit comes with some limited photo  etch and I am shopping around for more detail. I have been looking at Tom's Modelworks, Gold Medal Models and Rainbow's Titanic sets, there may be others I am not aware of.

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Here are the 2 sets I got. I was on the fence for quite some time. In the end this model will be put in a case at a local CG facility as a display for the SOLAS treaty signed by the USCG in 1917. So my level if detail will not be as high as I would have liked. Still the deck chairs and benches were too much to pass up.




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Thank you ... I may go for the Flyhawk detailed set but its  a bit expensive converting to around $100 USD but you do get quite a bit with it including resin parts and decks but there will be some double up with the kit supplied detail up.


How many deck chairs are there in the Rainbow kit? I was reading on http://www.titanicmodel.net/accuracy.html and specifically http://www.titanicmodel.net/details.html that there were 595 on the real ship! I would find it hard to believe that many would be supplied in the Rainbow kit. However this guy was going for insane amounts of accuracy (it took him over 10 years to build!).


I was looking at the kit supplied benches last night and I am struggling to see how to bend the seat part without damaging the PE once the bench ends /arms  have already been bent into shape which is the order it shows on the Academy instructions. It looks like the modeler above had to make a special jig to deal with this.



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I’ve bought one of the Academy MCP Titanic models and was wondering, overall, what the top recommendations are for:

- Wood decking

- Replacement masts

- Rigging wire

- Benches, chairs, etc.

Its been YEARS since I tried a model and have been nervous trying it again due to my underlying problem of perfectionism. 


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