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H.M.S. Triton Cross Section by roks82 - 1:48

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Like many of you I have also chosen the cross section as my first scratch build. I’ll be building it simultaneously with by Confederacy so maybe some steps will proceed slower then expected.


The first step for me was choosing the wood...I’ve decided for a combination of boxwood and walnut, maybe I’ll also use some pear but haven’t fully decided yet as I am a bit concerned about a conflicting color scheme. 


I am really looking forward to this build and your comments and suggestions!

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Thanks Jon, for the encouraging words :)


The first step has been completed; I must say there were much more frame parts then expected.

I’ve kept the leftover parts and collected some dust as well – perhaps it will come handy during this build. :)





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Thanks Christian for the welcome! :)


I've taken the liberty to use Chad's approach for cutting out the rabbet line on the keel. First I glued the razor blade on the plan with a very small amount of CA glue, I then glued the guide scrap piece on the blade and finally glued it all together on a flat surface. I then scraped off each side of the keel....




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I need some help from you fellow Triton builders. :) 


I've sanded the frames up to the line and they fit in perfectly however while checking the assembly drawings it looks like the frame parts are slightly too long. I've also checked the that the scale printed correctly and can confirm it is ok... So the only logic solution to me is to sand the frames further (over the line), has anyone else experienced this issue?



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Very nice start so far! Although I don't think it will fix the problem entirely, when you are aligning your pieces move the first futtocks so the red line from the centerline joint is right over the centerline on your frame drawing. Looking at the photo on the right above you should nudge that futtock down a bit. Lined up right there it looks like you'll have a bit of extra space where you sit on the keel if you sand back to the lip, and the keelson side will be a bit wide also. Reposition that and give it a go. I suspect that might be the problem with the third futtock and the difference just keeps multiplying. Or I'm just looney and your photos are playing with me eyes 😜.




EDIT: Much better with a visual... put the blue lines on the red lines and i think that will fix your issue!


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Thanks Christian! Indeed it was caused by the stretching of the paper while glueing it on the board. This was most noticeable on the long and thin parts like the 4th futtock (frame 5).

I have used a water based glue stick so presume this caused the paper fibers to deform....lesson learned! :) 

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