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Magnifying headset advice....

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Ditto Dave,  I am currently using a brand with interchangeable acrylic lenses which I have grown to dislike for two reasons.  First they mark and scratch easily, and secondly, if changing out the lenses, their designs make them prone to easy breakage (and if you accidently stress the folding mechanism.



I would rather pay for a good set of glass lenses now I think and have started looking around.  My criteria now are:

1.  I would prefer glass lenses with at least 3 levels of magnification with focus (work) point at about 15 to 20 inches

2.  hI would also prefer a head band mounted version (rather than spectacles add on, preferably with LED light mount option

3.  Open sides so as not to restrict view angle range (loupes are too restrictive).


Some brands that come are are the higher end Donegan 'optivisor' with glass inserts, Magni pros, and DKM.


I will be very interested in better better quality versions if that is the way you prefer to go also.  I seem to go through the cheaper ones all to fast (but may be a sign of my aging eyes :( )






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There was a recent discussion here and I'll post the link:  https://modelshipworld.com/topic/21817-mageyes-anybody-use-them-which-ones-and-y/



Now that look, there's been more than few discussions... do a search in this sub-forum for "magnifier" or "magnification".

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I purchased the optivisor and got the LED light set for it.  Makes working with tiny parts much easier.  I ended up actually getting two sets with different magnification levels rather than have to switch out lenses.




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Glass lenses.  Plastic lenses are a BIG compromise.  The previous discussions covered the whys.

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