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What did you receive today?


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a new thread by me, 


Please show what you may have received today, whether it be kits, tools books etc


i picked the idea up and thought there was one on MSW - but unable to find it


but i ordered this on Sunday - after reading some good reviews on it


Hegner multicut1 scroll saw




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L'AMARANTE - Corvette de 12 canons 1747

LE COMMERCE DE MARSEILLE - Vaisseau de 118 canons 1788




Both came in a couple of days ago.   Amarante is identical to ANCRE volumes as far as quality.  The shape of the hull and degree of tumble home make it an interesting vessel. 


Commerce de Marseille comes in a much bigger case/box and is heavy - both in weight and quality.   According to the history, this was design used for all French vessels of this class from its adoption until wood and sail became obsolete.   It seems the French navy did not try to improve on perfection.

If I get to her, I will likely scale her back to 1:60.  The hull would still come in at about 3 1/2 feet long  - even though to model would be half the size as drawn.


Mark,  if you compromise a bit on scale you could realize your dream.  It would be worth it.  The thing is, it would be nice if we could build the model as quickly as they built the original ship.

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I'm still thinking about it.  I'd do it 1:64 which is the scale I locked myself into.  Good compromise on detail vs. size, in my opinion.  But even then, it might be bigger than what I can handle in the workshop.   


The French ships are indeed beautiful...  


Maybe Gaetan has some space left ...

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Two new books, from the wife, wouldn't fit in the mail box next to the HWY, so the carrier hand delivered the books and mail to us. She is a good carrier, willing to go the extra mile. :)  :dancetl6:


1; Ropes and Knots, SAS and Elite Forces Guide  Charles Stronge.


2; Metalworking, Old-Fasioned Tools, Materials and Processes for the Handyman. Paul N. Hasluck: originally published by D. McKay, 1907.


Both good books, they will fit right in with my library centered around how to and how it was done.

jud :pirate41:

Edited by jud
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Nice find, Jolley Roger.  Sadly there is no cure for your ailment with regard to hoarding kits.  But there is a support group here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/474-therapy-for-shipaholics   :D


Ha ha, thanks Mark!

I see there is 17 pages to go through, seems we have some serious addicts in our midst! 


That is a good buy, I just bought the same kit a few months back and paid considerable more. I was really surprised at the huge size of box and then when opened how empty it seems. I will let you start yours first and I will follow.


Don, yes that box is huge, but I was at least happy to see that BB used less plastic parts than some of their other kits i've seen.

It's gonna take me a couple of years to work through all my other kits though, so the honour is all yours.  :) 

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I received my eagerly awaited Billing Calypso kit today....in the middle of a monsoon-type rain storm.

Perusing the contents of the kit, I began looking at the plans. It was interesting to learn that it will be necessary to acquire a "fart regulator" to complete the construction of the kit.

What's going to happen when I go to my local Ace Hardware to inquire which aisle to look for a fart regulator? Or maybe I should go to Walgreens (drug store) to find it. In any case, will be sure to bring my camera so I can get a shot of the clerk's face upon inquiry.  :D



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The fart regulator is ....hmm, a fart regulator and I wish I could be in the store when you ask for it. Like a fly on the wall. :D

At least the diagram explains, first is Danish, second is German, and then we have English.

I would suggest to use the modern electronic speed regulators than the old type with servo.

Unless the regulator is included in the kit?

Looking forward to the build log of Calypso.

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I need to begin an earnest search for Calypso reference material/photos. An initial search doesn't show much except for some low resolution photos on the net. At one time, there may have been a book with more information but it's probably out of print and I don't know the title.

Will not worry too much about that "regulator", as I probably will not build it as an RC model, but rather static display.  :)

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There is a lot of info about Calypso,

Here is the link to the official website.

Thanks for the link.

I actually found and ordered a very good reference book today on Amazon. It's titled: Jacques Cousteau's Calypso. Along with dozens of high quality photos of the Calypso, it also includes a fold-out set of blue prints detailing much of the exterior and interior of the ship. Will study the book carefully before starting my model.

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