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What did you receive today?

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Nice setup, Grant!


I ordered some micro shapers made by Artesania Latina and they arrived today.  They allow you to make small decorative moldings.  There are three scrapers per set and two separate sets.  In all the six scrapers can produce 90 different profiles!  Here's a link:     http://www.hobbylinc.com/cgi-bin/s8.cgi?cat_s=RAF&p=4  The shapers are at the bottom of the pagel



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You guys have all heard about retirement savings plans. I'm going to turn the financial world on its ear and announce my pre-retirement spending plan.


I hope to retire in a few years and when I do, I'll no doubt be on some kind of fixed income. My new plan is buy all the toys I possibly can while I'm still working........no doubt you're thinking "WHAT A GREAT PLAN!". Why save when you can proactively spend? I haven't worked out all the bugs to my new and innovative approach, so please don't tell my wife. I've started with the shapers and for my next move I'm thinking about a Byrnes saw, after that, the skies the limit.........maybe a new BMW 440ix.


I have no intention to hoard all the glory and congratulations for my idea and will gladly share the credit with anyone who can add meaningful improvements!




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A bit of advice, be proactive. make sure she gets to buy lots of shoes, purses, strappy sandals etc. Maybe some jewelry. Trust me, it goes a LONG way towards being able to buy your own toys. :P :P You may be able to forgo DR's helmet advice. Although a helmet and or a sparing mask is ALWAYS good insurance where an Admiral is involved.


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Today I received the model Corsaro II from Corel via Model Expo. I ordered it on 09/22/2016 and received it 11/28/2016. I don't know if 9 week delivery time is typical or if there was a glitch in the pipeline. I did get an excellent price (in my opinion) during one of Model Expo's sales. $384.99 including shipping.


The shipping box came equipped with a large amount of packaging paper. I think we won't need to worry about packaging material while wrapping Christmas presents this year. :)




The "instructions" are of the minimalist variaty, consisting of about 4 standard sized pages in English, shrunk to half a page in landscape mode. One page was the introduction and general advice, leaving about 3 standard sized pages of actual instructions. The rest of the booklet was in other languages.



The metal fittings are almost entirely in turned brass and appear well finished. There is a handsome ships wheel.



The picture on the box. A handsome model in my opinion. The lines and rigging appear to be appropriate for a beginning modeller, but the instructions would prevent me from recommending the kit to somebody who had not built one before. (Hopefully I can wade through it)


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After Bill Sproul's excellent article on building blocks in the last issue of the JRG Journal, and meeting him at the NRG conference, I had to get one of these for my shop. Now I just have to learn the skills that Bill exhibits so effortlessly.


Anyway, I have no idea of when this was built. It hadn't been used in years and was frozen up from all the years causing the gears to be pretty stiff. However a few hours with WD40, and various other cleaners along with judicious use of silicon lubrication and now I have a great stereozoom microscope. The really cool thing this offers as a depth of field that mono scopes do not. The LED ring light was a new purchase for this.







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Bill Sproul's saying is “If you can see it, you can probably do it!”. These scopes are less powerful than the traditional microscopes, but much more powerful than magnifying glasses. Certainly the glasses have a large place in building, but this allows one to really see what you are doing.


To quote again from Bill's article in the last Journal, "Being able to see your work enlarged in three dimensions makes construction easier by orders of magnitude: a grain of rice can suddenly become the size of a football (at least to the eye)."


This Bausch & Lomb scope is the same as Bill uses other than the stand. These scopes are modular. The pods which do al the work can be snapped into many different bases. Mine is on a swivel arm. When not in use, the pod with all the optics can easily be removed and placed in a zip lock bag safely away from dust. I have not used mine yet, but I trust Bill's guidance and am always on the look out for cool tools that can help in my construction. Maybe this is going overboard, but much of what we build could fall into that bucket. How many hours work have we put in on a section of the ship only to cover it up. My goal when building is to have more detail than the unaided eye can see. The best models I have seen are like this.


I promise to update my build log with how it fits into my build process. Bill highly recommends it in his block making article and I know I have MANY of those to build so we shall see.

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