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What did you receive today?

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Ron, I have the same dreadnought - it does look like a great kit, let me know what accessories you end up sourcing. Hobby Boss has come out with a new kit I just picked up, the pre-dreadnought French navy battleship Danton which also comes with PE.  They have also issued the Lord Nelson circa 1905 that I'm looking at.   Scott

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At this time I plan on getting the USS North Carolina, and the USS Pittsburgh, in 1/700, and the USS Maine (Havana version) in 1/350. I'd like to get a USS South Carolina, but have only 2 options 1/144 semi-scale, or 1/350th, both running about $300. Be hard to sneak that past the Admiral, and my bank!

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Eddie, I had to look up what a grab handler was. Now I know it is a tool for making grab handles -Duh!


My wife got me for my birthday last month tickets on a Boston Harbor Cruise boat for a harbor cruise when the tall ships will be here next month. I can't wait.


I also got some scalpels from China yesterday that look pretty useful.

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 I've received a few things this week...all centered around starting the last phase of my Bluenose build (masting and rigging).


Now that the ship is about to get a lot taller, I needed a place to put it when I want it off the workbench.  So I went ahead and ordered the bookcase that I've been eyeing for a while.  This short bookcase will be the final home for the Bluenose once it is finished.  Matched to the rest of my home office furniture (I've had the tall one for a few years). (Still need to install the lighting...that's on order.)



Also received a new set of tweezers, which probably wouldn't be exciting for anyone other than us :)  Nothing fancy, but I noticed while rigging my bowsprit that all my existing tweezers are getting pretty worn.  This new set should hold me over for a build or two.



And last, I received the set of tiny brass bolts I ordered from Model Motorcars.  These fit perfectly into a hole drilled with a #69 drill bit, and I'll be using them to secure shackles while rigging my Bluenose.  



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1 hour ago, dvm27 said:

Probably my most useful purchase in recent years. These chisels are well honed and cut to perfection. Some of the tips are so small I can only see them with my Optivisor. 

AND they are completely stupid cheap for what they are. No really, STUPID cheap, you could turn around and sell them on EBay for 100% profit easy.


Here's the closest competition I'm aware of, Two Cherries are German and not bad at all but having used some of their tools, Mikhail's tap steel is better. And this set is 14 instead of the 22 I got, and is TWICE as expensive. I've tried to tell Mikhail he could start charging $450 instead of the $300 range he's at and no one would even blink, but all he says is "my price is normal for Russia." 



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It was more of a I want him to be really excited about continuing this business :) I'm not nearly done ordering from him and in fact I have the below knives on order, I made a nice pretty picture to limit the issues in using Google translate. And I will very likely get a second smaller set with pencil handles to go along with my full set with palm handles. Latter are better for carving, former is better for general ship-building joinery use, although I'll probably ask for somewhat shorter handles, IMO the pencil ones are longer than they need to be and will interfere in some cases.


The pointers at the bottom are telling him to include a 2mm brass rod in the center if possible, I prefer tools to have a bit more mass than his very light knives do. The first one is double bevel the other four are matching left/right single bevel.


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Roof shingles finally showed up this morning. Manufacturer allegedly was having production problems with the 30 year shingles we ordered so finally after two weeks they upgraded us no charge to the 50 year shingle in the color and specification we ordered which was in stock. We wanted a high wind resistant, solar reflecting color and finish which is a step up from a normal shingle.


Here they are going up on the roof by the delivery truck.



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2 hours ago, cog said:


There ya go ... What's wrong with calling it an American brand :P:)



You got a nice deal due to production problems

But the Shamrock [in the logo] is not American - it's Irish !  And the name is Irish.  So even tho it's an American owned company it's still an Irish brand [name] !  ;):P:)



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On 5/11/2017 at 7:07 PM, architectnavalis said:

Great woodworking tools.


I got some literature today, but more of the "social history" kind. Next time it will be some modelling related stuff :)




Nice books!  Someday I would like to check some of those out.  Maybe also this one...


Fiddlers and Whores: The Candid Memoirs of a Surgeon in Nelson's Fleet


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16 hours ago, reklein said:

Thing I hated most was buying a perpetual roof when I'm 72 years old.

Yes, at 70 one wonders; however, since the kids will eventually inherit it I am glad it will last that long and will be a long term investment. The grand kids will be in their 50's when it needs to be replaced again. :cheers:

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Having opened and quickly reviewed the Trumpeter HMS Dreadnought and USS Texas kits, here is my first impressions.


Both kits are well molded, as expected.


The USS Texas seems to have all the required PE for all the railings, but the HMS Dreadnought, does not include any PE for the main deck railings. The Dreadnought instructions do not show them, so it is not a problem of missing parts, in the kit. I will invest in a set of PE railings for her. Both could benefit from after market wood decks (see next).


I'm thinking that I will invest in a wood deck for the Dreadnought. Artworx(sp), I think. The Hunter Chinese company, on Ebay, I'm not sure of the quality. The only concern I have is that the thickness of the deck will make some of the smaller low details, less visible. For the Texas, I think I'll go with their "Blue Deck Decal", and build her painted as she is now as a museum ship. The decal will keep me from having to mask all those deck projections, something that I'm not sure I could do well without damaging the first color. There is another company that makes a wood deck for the Texas, but you need to shave off all the raised detail. They sell a whole kit that you then use to replace all that detail, and you would need to buy the whole kit to use with their deck. Way too expensive, 3 times what I paid for the Trumpeter kit!


I plan, for now, to build these models, out of the box, perhaps with a few upgrades. If I buy and try to install all the PE available, I fear, I'll get bogged down, and never complete them. I already have more kits then I'll ever be able to complete in my lifetime. At least I have a great selection to pick from! I have looked at the Eduard(sp) complete PE kit for the Texas, but again, I'm not sure I'd ever finish. I'd rather have good models, and build more, than only build a few museum quality ones.


I'm going to tell my family not to just throw out any kits left when I pass, hopefully many years from now, but sell them. I have very few "junk" kits, and it would be a waste.

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