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What did you receive today?

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3 hours ago, puckotred said:

And today I got the miniature block plane from Veritas. Now my collection is complete...IMG_1450.jpg.6e94c8efbf143f41d374d71ff53fcf31.jpg


I use it to trim planks for planking - also to trim out the hull after planking and before sanding.  It is very versatile.  Enjoy ! 

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Ron I started modeling plastic armor when I was a teen and I used to idealize Verlinden.  It was so expensive that I could never afford it, but it was still the standard I judge accessories by.  I got a little older and finally bought a few sets to "accurize" the M1A1 kits I had and was pretty disappointed.  Most of their details were imagineered instead of researched. The few that I could use were the standard backpacks, canteens, and boxes that every kit had at the time.  I felt so let down.  Now I can't even buy Verlinden and just make all the details myself.  I hope the Naval Gun is better than the stuff I bought, good luck.

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A cousin shared pictures of my great great grandmother, great great great grandfather, and great great great grandmother with me. I never dreamed anyone in my family had photos this old in their possession and was thrilled to receive them. The photos were all taken prior to the 1860's and were printed on tin in those days rather than paper. I suppose it's the only reason they have survived this long.


This is my GG Grandmother who was pregnant with my G Grandfather in 1857, in Florida.


Duncan, Rebecca cropped.jpg

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11 hours ago, mtaylor said:

Page 37...  It's just a small one.


12 hours ago, lmagna said:

Page 83


I'm buying this model for a friend!


14 hours ago, reklein said:

Page 42, I don't need any more models,


15 hours ago, puckotred said:

Page 58: "I have all the tools I need"

This is beginning to sound like Gibbs' rules (NCIS TV show) 

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Arrived this afternoon - guess I will be joining the Three Musketeers (@COG, @RGL, @Popeye the Sailor) over in the Plastic/PE build world ;).  Both the USS The Sullivans and the USS John W Brown are berthed within a  6 hour drive from me. Gotta look for some PE to add to the kits, have not tried PE before tho so this should be interesting. I will start a build log for these at some time.   First, tho, I have to finish the ice yacht - don't have the room on the workbench to do multiple kits like Popeye does. :P



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