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What did you receive today?

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12 hours ago, ccoyle said:

The firm I work for is remodeling its offices, and these two framed prints were thus rendered homeless. I plan to display them in the "man cave" of my new house currently under construction. The first, showing the barque Geelong,  is a reproduction of a painting currently in the collection of the NMM. I have not yet identified the subjects of the other print.

print 1.jpg

print 2.jpg

EDIT: After a bit of research, I believe the second print depicts the America's Cup race between Puritan and Genesta. Over the years, it has been a popular subject for maritime artists.

Very nice prints, great add to the cave


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The mail delivered a piece for side project I hope to start soon.  It's a model of a CH-53 which is the chopper I served on the Marines.  I probably won't add squadron markings because a) was in two different squadrons and b) no squadron markings for either those squadrons.  A bit limiting.  It's a German version which is the only one I could find.  There are some kits for the E's but different bird do to a redesign.   Starting will depend on the weather as painting will need to be done outside.


I'll be ordering the after market .50 door guns in the next week or two.



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Red-letter day. For my 70th birthday my wife's kids banded together and got me all the Aubrey-Maturin books I hadn't yet got. Here's a photo of the new books (not in any particular order). Now I have the full set - I've read several before (borrowed from the local library) but the last few in the series I haven't opened up till now. Looking forward to some very enjoyable reading.





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I got bit again........I couldn't resist adding this one to my roster:


it's 1:20 scale and measures 30 inches long when complete.   the admiral said OK....but only if it could be one of my Christmas gifts.......so pawing over it will be limited for the time being.  I saw no dating on the box,  so I did a search for some kind of production date.  I narrowed it down to the 80's,  which is highly improbable due to the logo.  the AMT logo was used from 1948 to 1981.  Matchbox / AMT  was use outside the US from 1977 to 1981.  from there,  the logo went through three changes AMT /ERTL from 1982 to 2005.  AMT being really big on car and truck kits,  also did an extensive Star Trek series through all this time,  until it got bought by Round 2 models.  the Star Trek series them went to Polar lights,  a branch of the Round 2 franchise.  the kit is in amazing condition {I did get to peek a little} :ph34r:  so far,  I have found no mention of this kit,  in any articles pertaining to the AMT corporation.......I have plenty of time........I had to bail from the kit 'cuz the admiral was getting quite angry. 

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On 11/27/2019 at 5:01 AM, lmagna said:

Did you scold your mother for giving birth so close to Christmas, and forcing you to share the two days?

Actually, no - my birthday's in October, but the books had to be ordered from overseas and took quite a while to arrive - Abebooks in the U.K. have the best service for second hand books I've come across ( a lot better than their enormous competitor that also starts with an A). The books had been arriving in dribs and drabs and I posted once the whole lot had turned up.


My sister, on the other hand, should scold my Mum for giving birth to her on December 26th! For quite a few years she had an un-birthday on June 26th because she always seemed to miss out on presents otherwise.


In comparison my daughter, who was born on December 29th, has it relatively easy . . .



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    The top item is a loop closing plier that has semi-circular indentations in the jaws that you can close loops without distorting their shape.  Below that are a pair of both straight and curved jaw stainless steel surgeon's "Castroviejo" scissors.  With their ultra-sharp, precision-ground jaws that have microscopic serrations that keep those lines from slipping, these are the perfect scissors for clean cutting of rigging lines.  Also, with their unique spring-loaded knurled handles they are really easy to control.  Personally I think that they are a must-have tool for rigging!



    I saw all three items in my latest Micro-Mark catalog, but as we all know their prices are very high ($45 + shipping).  So I went to Amazon to use my Amazon gift card from last X-mas and found very similar tools for quite a bit less ($22 w/free shipping).:D


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I treated myself to a honing guide from Richard Kell (http://richardkell.co.uk/honingECom.htm). The guide is beautifully made, to very fine tolerances (third of a thou). The only slight drawback is that for the very smallest chisels the blade doesn't project far enough to get the right honing angle. Should be a simple matter to make a little holder to compensate. However I must confess I like tools such as this for their aesthetic qualities as much as for their practicality.




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On 12/23/2019 at 9:50 PM, lmagna said:

Better be careful David. This is how the closet full of hoarded kits starts out! As evidenced by that lonely hanger.:D

I gutted that room  and turned it in the modeling room anyways so it’s ok!  Another Midwest kit showed up today, it’s one I’m looking forward to but want to get a little more skilled first...I have quite a few to practice on lol.AEBB6BF1-C34C-44A9-BA3E-4907CA5E6267.thumb.jpeg.b4fdcce85984769e2bff29e182e8cdb3.jpeg

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I found that the upper quill clamp that holds the top of the blade had a makeshift repair, At some time in the past, the movable jaw had fallen out, and been replaced with a flat piece of bar stock. I could have lived with this, perhaps, but I did not like the idea. I looked on Ebay and found the lower clamp assembly for a reasonable price, and thought that I might use that jaw in the upper assembly. After ordering it, though, I found an entire upper quill assembly, also quite reasonably, so decided to get it too.


I received both parts, and the new quill looks to be in much better shape, so I'll keep the original and the new lower clamp, as spares.


The new and old quills. The duller one is the original. The second picture shows a view of the jaws, and you can see the substandard replacement in the old quill, on the right. The replacement jaw does not fit quite right, and has a tendancy to fall out. The movable jaw on the original part is captured by the set screw.








The lower clamp has two movable jaws. the one to the right holds the scroll saw blades. The middle one allows you to clamp a saber/jig saw blade, between it and the fixed jaw.


From the same seller, I also purchased a set of 4 step pulleys for the saw.

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Santa has been very good to me :)   I got a new scroll saw!


...and a couple neat Popeye gifts...



the coins are from a friend of mine in Florida......he and his brothers all work and worked at Universal.  they are 24k gold plated!

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    My youngest brother (the one also with MD) left me with a few reminders of my original loooong past Christmas birthday.


A framed plaque of historical facts from that year, a diecast metal version of the 49 Mercury coupe, and a Hotwheels somewhat modified version called the Hardnoze 49 Merc.



Although several celebs were also born on the same day as me, namely actress Sissy Spacek and electric blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker, my supervisor seems unimpressed.



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I received a new paper model in my mailbox.



It is a bird that is not very common overhere, but I think non-existent in the states: a bluethroat. Cost: 7 euro's and some blue printer ink :)


IMG_0835.jpg.a71d0ce0dda6c7b7a9f04a67d745dbfe.jpgSome time, some place you'll get a 'buildlog' (not now, because I'm working on a previous 'look what is in my mailbox' model:




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