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What did you receive today?

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    While I've not had a dog since I was about twelve, I've had our neighbor Brandon's terrier mix dog named Skeeter to entertain for the last eighteen years.  That's quite a long time for a dog!  Unfortunately he has been in poor health for the last year or so and lately in so much pain, that he was finally put to sleep over the holiday weekend.   

     We got this card to let us know about it.  I guess that makes it a kind of reverse sympathy card.



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3 minutes ago, VTHokiEE said:

Awesome camera! I’m still using my old d7000... someday I’ll upgrade.

Thanks mate,  its my  retirment  present  to myself, I do alot of aviation photography  (well used to)   and it will be perfect for that  with 630mm effective range,   Dont know why  but i've always been a nikon user  - just love there system.


The D7000 was graound breaking and still creditable  but if you do upgrade  would deffo  recommend the D7500  a lot of bang for buck, with cracking auto focus ability only bested by the twice as price D500.



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Got the last of my Christmas packages today. Oh, so much card modeling goodness!


A coworker gave me an Amazon gift card, which I turned into the 1/250 HMV kit of the Hamburg Maritime Museum's excursion ship, Schaarhörn, along with its laser-cut detail set. HMV kits are usually waterline models; this is one of the few that has optional parts for a full-hull build.



I used some of my Christmas cash to order up some stuff from Poland, including a second set of laser-cut former for my PWS-10 build, so I won't show those again here. I also ordered two kits and their laser-cut former sets, both from Kartonowa Koleckcja and in 1/33 scale. First up is the Sopwith Pup. This kit can be built in one of two optional liveries, a shipboard version from HMS Illustrious or a land-based version. The metal cowling of the naval version is printed in some nifty metallic ink.





And then we have a Sopwith Camel in Polish livery.





The printing on both of these kits is excellent and is several steps up from KK's earliest kits.


Finally, I got a couple of molded canopies for kits already in my possession (Spitfire Mk. I and Bloch MB. 152), a scoring tool to replace my worn-out scribing tool, and a tube of Polish Falco-brand glue -- I have to know if the glue makes any difference in those awesome Polish card models I keep seeing.



Whew! All this stuff should keep me busy for awhile!

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I got two kits today.


The first is a laser cut kit for a Santa Fe Depot N0. 4 (SFs designation for this standard design. Yes there are Nos. 1 through 3 also). The types were various sizes depending on the size of the town/city served.




It will go in this area of the layout (number 25). The heavy black lines are the main line. The one on the right will be visible from the "Front" of the layout, the one on the left is behind the scenery backdrop, and will normally not be seen. This allows me to run the train twice around, while only seeing it once. This gives the illusion of more space between the cities. The thin green line is the backdrop/sky. The thick green box, is the hinged section that will be raised to allow entry into the oval shaped section of the layout.




Now of more interest to this forum, I also received a Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack from Model Expo. I have a Midwest kit in the same scale (1/24th), but this should have better detail. I'll post pictures of the contents later. I had planned to sell the Midwest kit to offset part of the cost of this one, but ME does not provide plans (execept for the sails), so I'll keep the other kit in case I need to reference those plans. I hate to open a still shrink wrapped kit, just to look at the plans, though). I understand the fear of having the pirates rip off your kit, so not providing plans, but I think

 plans are always needed, no mater how well in instructions are written.









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On 12/26/2020 at 2:47 PM, Diver said:

I have had a very good Christmas.  On the Admirals instructions, I removed everything from the shop and had carpet installed.  It was then an early present, the Craftsman work bench.  To top it all off, my son got me the Back lit magnifier.  I can now resume my build of the Medway longboat by Syren.




I moved the hammers to the other side of the peg board.  I do not need a post in shore leave, Have you ever had one of those days.

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I ordered this Duchess of Kingston kit from Vanguard in the UK over the weekend and to my surprise it showed up today. I can't wait to start this one.I will be giving the completed model to some very good friends of ours who have graciously accepted to display it for me in their house. It always seems such a commitment asking someone to take a completed model but this will be the second given to friends and I love seeing them when we go to visit. Anyway I fell in love with the model because of all the detail. It will probably be Summer before I start it as I need to finish the Half Moon first.



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32 minutes ago, Nirvana said:


I like the feel of the keyboard, but I also a lot of VST's. The grand piano vst that came sounds amazing. 

Ableton 10 live works real well with this machine. 

I have been using  this one alot  for recording stuff  with, its got so many voices  and so aunthntic  -  I then use Wave and Mixpad   for mixing my riffs  together.




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