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Guns of HISTORY Civil War Coffee Wagon by Dr PS - FINISHED - Model Shipways - Scale 1:16

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Hello All, I am taking time during the building of the New Bedford Whaleboat to build the Model Shipways Guns of HISTORY Civil War Coffee Wagon 1:16 Scale.  I will be posting progress as a build log here.  First I will post the Kit photos.  I am looking forward to building this interesting piece of history.  For those interested, there are some YouTube videos of Civil War enactments involving the Civil War Coffee Wagon which could produce over 100 gallons of coffee per hour.  That is a lot of coffee 👀


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Missing some parts so I decided to start on the cast parts first as I wait for the parts to come in.  I tackled the coffee urns first, gluing them together with CA glue, priming them, and then painting them black. The wheels were cleaned up and primed and then painted red. In the photograph you will see that I have used a 3 mm masking tape to mask off the rim of the wheels which will be painted black. Next I will work on the flues.


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When working on chimneys, I found the kit supplied 9/32” (1/4”ID) brass tubing would not fit over the stove top chimney pipe attachment points. They needed a tube with a 9/32” ID so I ordered a 5/16” tube which has a 9/32” ID.  I  plan to carve three 1/4” dowels at one end to fit the hole in the attachment point on the stovetop, slip the 9/32” tubes over the dowels, and finally slip the 5/16” tubes over the 9/32” tubes. The dowels will stabilize the chimneys while fitting snugly  into the 9/32” tubes. The outside 5/16” tubes will fit snugly over both the 9/32” tubes and the stovetop fitting. Whew 😅 BTW, I am unaware of 9/32” dowel. 

What I have done so far is shown in the photo below. 

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I finally got the missing parts from Model-Expo.  I cannot say enough good about the folks at Model-Expo.  Missing a part - they send it.  Break a part - they send it.  


Finished the wheels -


Assembled the carriage chassis -



Finished the coffee urn platform and springs - 



Below notice the chimney brackets have also been installed.




Next I glued the floor onto the carriage chassis and painted it red.  The wagon tongue was installed as well - 




After the paint dried, the springs were attached (note the U-bolts) - 


The facets were painted brass color and glue to the urns.  Also note how the smoke stacks are supported by the brackets previously installed. - 





A brass retaining rod was added to the front of the urns and then the urns were glued to the urn platform and the platform glued on top of the springs above the carriage chassis -



Finally, the wagon tongue was painted black, a decal was applied, and a pedestal was constructed.


The Civil War Coffee Wagon is finished - 





One recommendation for anyone building this model, I would put some weights in the tongue side of the chassis box to give better stability to the model when finished.


This was a fun project that did not take long.  Now back to the New Bedford Whaleboat and thanks to all for following.



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extra pics
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6 hours ago, Jack12477 said:

Nice work on the model.  I found the same weight balance problem when I did mine, constantly wants to tip over backwards.  I made the tongue support stand a bit lower so the model tips slightly forward.

Thought about weighting the stand with some imbedded lead weights. 

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Just received the Civil War Limber to add to the Coffee Wagon. This kit should not take very long.  First the kit pics - 


I first tackled the wheels and ammunition chest. Most of this kit consists of parts made from Britannia metal. As a result of this, I will be using only CA glue.  
Below is shown a primed wheel, the primed chest and axel housing with the Pintle Hook attached. Britannia metal needs to be primed before painting. 


Next I painted the chest and wheels red with black trim. Normally the limber would be painted army colors but the Coffee Wagon was painted with red color to differentiate it from regular army use. 
Above and below are also shown the unpainted carriage and wood pole. I had to carve the pole (tongue) to fit the carriage. Since the supplied wood was square, the pole had to be carved round most of its length. 

The rest of the wagon will be black. 



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The Tree is attached to the Hound and the Fork Strap to the Fork. 
The The Muff Collar, Branches, Pad and Irons were attached to the Pole and painted black. B8BAC350-AD52-4FB4-BDA9-9DF4B9ADCA13.thumb.jpeg.dc4aa3dee039cb7374622bcc22f5cf63.jpeg
The Pole, Axel and Under Straps were attached to the carriage and painted black. BC17154F-7B4A-45F7-AA62-40B6A3B956E6.thumb.jpeg.67157973ca5839a13ba43b34f336075e.jpeg
Chains were added. D05C8D37-FD3A-4B95-ABF0-67B9CAA4C6E8.thumb.jpeg.dd42762b4b61b3366f3923d337c32591.jpeg956C8D50-42BE-418C-B002-CB0DDE7A6D9F.thumb.jpeg.90a092ba4bc007da86fc391299632bb1.jpeg6C459778-0D5E-4A21-BEF0-4B711FF1CC48.thumb.jpeg.c775f606b4dba4ee0ed1b60a5d53cdca.jpeg
In the above three photos the wheels were not attached yet but only serving as props.  The next photo shows the nearly finished models sitting on an unfinished mounting board. The wagon and limber will be attached to the board for display after it has been finished. C03ACD31-37F3-4829-847E-D650F38F3E61.thumb.jpeg.4b8df516fec9cd8697394001ae146a0e.jpeg



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