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Alexandra by Jason Builder - Krick - Radio - Steam Powered

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Hi Bob,


I just made my best guess regarding RC setup, though I’m sure there are good resources out there for RC.   I still need to learn how to program the range of motion limits for the servos.  

Here’s how the planked transom turned out.  It’s been fun to have the boat out on display the last couple days.  Now I have that question of what to start building next.  First, I’m going to take a little break.  




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Hi Jason...nice work. Well done!!

I have just started my model and will be using the "Alexandra" steam plant from Krick.  It is apparent that thought has to be given to the radio installation at an early stage. Am I correct in thinking that the forepeak is where the rx and batteries are supposed to go?

I too feel that extra planking enhances the model and I have decided to add a teak and holly effect to the cockpit and cabin floors....



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38 minutes ago, peterl said:

I have just started my model and will be using the "Alexandra" steam plant from Krick.

It would be great if you would make a build log for the Alexandra, Peter. I'd love to follow another build of this beautiful model.

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6 hours ago, peterl said:

Hi Bob...I am at the picture taking stage at the moment! I will see what I can do...although I I don't think I will ever be able to better Jason's build...

Everyone does things differently and post photos with different views and that can be really helpful. I look forward to your build log.

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Wonderful workmanship.


Do you think the kit could be built just using hand tools and a Dremel or does it need shop tools like power saws, drill press, etc?


Please post some photos and/or videos when you get her waterborne.


Once again, great job!!!!

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Hi Jason, I am following your build with interest. I built the Alexandra about 10 years ago with a Cheddar steam plant. It still give me great pleasure to sail her from time to  time. I am actually considering building a new steam chaloupe, from a plan. I will be very likely using the same team plant as you are using, but the horizontal version, which will give more overall stability.


Cheers, Stephan

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