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Rigging and tension

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Hello everyone,


I keep asking myself if I should rig a model so that the rope has high tension or or keep the ropes rather loose (but not hanging through) to avoid stressing splicings and seizings. What is the best compromise?


Best regards,


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I think you've sort of answered your own question. Otherwise, it depends on the "rope." Standing rigging is always going to be relatively tight. Running rigging is also generally belayed without slack, but, depending upon the application and circumstance, may be left slack and portrayed with a catenary, as may be appropriate. (These details should be easy to recognize if you understand how your prototype vessel sailed in real life.) For example, a leeward lazy jack set up on a model portrayed as under sail, will be slack, as would a running backstay under the same circumstances, although the running back might have been carried forward and lashed to an after shroud or the like to keep it from flogging around if no short tacking was anticipated. You should consider how you are portraying your model and run the rigging accordingly. Remember, too, that the rigging tension on the model accumulates as the tension of each item of rigging is added and, by the time the model is done, can represent a fair amount of energy built into the model. If you are rigging it too tightly, you'll know soon enough when things start popping loose all over the place or spars start snapping! :D


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What Bob said.  But I'll add, pull the line through a block of wax/paraffin (a candle will work) a few times and then pull though your fingers.  The was will help do two things... 1) It will help keep moisture out of the line and 2) It will make any sag look more realistic.

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