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Hi all,

I joined eighteen months ago but have never posted before on this forum, though in that time I've had a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from just browsing around various build logs.

I've been interested in ships and ship models all my life, ever since my father gave me the Revell HMS Bounty kit for my tenth birthday in 1962 (he made it for me as well!), and although I went on to make lots of plastic  kits as a kid, it wasn't until the 70's that I thought i'd try my hand at a wooden model - the Billing Boats 'Lilla Dan', (which I did finish, and which still exists, but which I'm less than proud of!)

A few years after this, another Billing kit, 'Toulonnaise', but this one I ultimately abandoned, despite quite a lot of sporadic work over a period of time.  

Then, two years ago, and for no particular reason, I decided to buy myself the Caldercraft 'Granado' kit, and which I was very impressed with! I finished it in 6 months, and went straight into the Amati 'Pegasus' kit, which I wasn't able to work on quite so regularly but nonetheless is now on its home stretch (running rigging and some small jobs to complete).

I've now become so hooked on ship modelling that I've just treated myself to another kit - this time the Amati 'Mercury' brig - and I intend to alternate between working on the new model, and finishing off the Pegasus when I feel like a break from hull planking!

I started work on Mercury a couple of weeks ago and have just completed the first planking, so I think before I go any further, now is the time to try making a build log of it. When I've worked out how to post pictures of it, I'll make a start on the log.

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Welcome and thanks for joining in! The Mercury is a beautiful kit subject, as is Pegasus. And, as you probably already know, we are very fortunate to have the designer of both kits, Chris Watton, as a regular contributor here, sharing updates on his new designs coming from Vanguard Models. look forward to seeing your work!


BTW, sharing photos is not difficult. Use the "choose files" link in the bar at the bottom of the reply window. Click on the files you want to upload. Each one will appear as a preview. When you're ready to add one to your post, simply click the "+" on the preview photo, and the pic will be inserted into your post.



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