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Medieval Fortified Village by Ekis - 1/87 scratch base kit Aedes Ars

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I tried to respond to this about 3 hours ago on my IPad, typed it out hit send, and I don't know where it went because I lost my internet connection, so I'll try again.


EG is entirely correct. You were entirely correct. The only place I've actually heard the Lord's house ( with a capital L ) mentioned was actually in church and was called that by the priest or pastor conducting the service. That's why the connotation immediately came to my mind. Also, I haven't met too many actual lords around where I live, definitely in my particular neighborhood. There are some gated communities though, which I'm not allowed into so maybe some live there. I'll never know.


As far as the structure goes I guess around where I live it would probably be thought of as a noblemen's house (we don't have any of those either). I would normally think of it as a manor or mansion or an estate. Ordinary people live in a house, the gentry in something much grander. (( not that any of us is ordinary, especially you or me! (sarcasm) )).


Again, none of this was a criticism in any way.
















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14 minutes ago, Waitoa said:

What did you use for the lattice work in the windows, can’t seem to find anything readily available.

These are very thin transparent protective sheets for pharmaceutical patches ! 😁
It so happens that the relief cross of these sheets perfectly matches the cross-mounting of the glasses of the time on the windows !
But you can find a slightly tinted rhodoïd paper on packages of all kinds of products when you do your shopping ! 😉


@Kurt Johnson In fact, it's exactly the same thing in French!

If a religious person speaks of the "Maison du Seigneur", then everyone will understand that it is the church... But if we say the "logis du seigneur" , then there's no doubt about the most luxurious house of the local owner...

(And don't apologize all the time for the second degree in your posts, I can very well tell the difference between a serious person and a note of humour...! Even in English). 😂

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 No, right now, I'm brushing the stones, and I wash them with water with a brush.  And as I age the buildings after the wooden pieces are laid, I can't put anything in until everything is done, including the vegetation. :)


PS: I've taken a few days of vacation, the village will be on break for 2 weeks.



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  • 1 month later...

Before continuing with the lord's house, I started work on a connecting building between the fortified gate and the Manor. 

Not only to continue the wall, but also to build a barn-drying shed. I saw this construction this summer in the south of France, I thought it would be quite suitable...

After some research, it is indeed a building of the 14th century, I adapted all this to my fortifications. 


The photos are visuals of the building site: it's not finished at all!   😁

There are still the doors of the stables, the covering of the upper part which must be partly closed, some details.

























A small precision of its location :













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No, I don't have elves, but the structure of the first floor in cardboard was indeed made at the same time as the 18th century crane presented in another thread.
For the filling of the barn, it is indeed hay (in fact hemp cut in very small pieces), potatoes or apples, and other vegetables... (in fact, they are millet seeds for the birds and coriander seeds)! 😁

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So if I understand it, the upper level is just a platform over each doorway and each item is no deeper than the upper floor. At first I thought that they were more like silos where the items would be stacked all of the way down to the lower floor behind the closed doorways. Possibly OK for something light like the hay. But the apples and such would be apple sauce at the bottom of that stack! Possibly the potatoes as well. What was the space behind the doors used for?

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In fact, there are a number of things you can safely leave to dry for several weeks. Potatoes, nuts, hay of course, for example. But you can also leave apples without any problem, just long enough to sell or distribute the harvest.
Underneath, you can either have stables for cows, sheep or, as was often the case in the Middle Ages, a pigsty.

In front of the building there may be one or more pens for the animals. Here again, in the villages, the animals lived in the middle of the village with the inhabitants... ;)

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Yes, of course!

Buildings have always changed function according to the needs of the moment, except for churches, of course.
But from there to making a building burnt down, or completely under construction, I'm not sure.


I think that I am already going to make sure that I put the whole thing in place, to go through some ideas to present and age this village.
Later, if I make extensions, I will still be able to transform certain parts. 😁

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1 hour ago, Ekis said:

I think that I am already going to make sure that I put the whole thing in place, to go through some ideas to present and age this village.
Later, if I make extensions, I will still be able to transform certain parts. 😁

Thank you for your reply on the drying buildings.

Extending the village at a latter date by adding new structures and roads would not be out of place either. Most villages grow over time and become towns and even sometimes cities and the original boundaries are overrun with little regard to the original town plan if there ever was any.

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Thanx Waitoa ! :)
I use AK interactive's Wash for Wood which I dilute differently on wood or stone. Then I add a little mold in places with the Slimy Grime Dark from the same brand.
If it's too dark, I brush with a dry brush.

And for wood, I first stain it with a dark wood stain (rosewood for example) before applying the same AK products, and I bleach some places with acetone. ;)

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Hi Kurt and thanx for keeping this thread alive! I really appreciate it. 😃
For the name of the village, we'll see that at the inauguration: I'll find a name close to the south of France...
And no, there will be no barracks other than the watchtower already made: the main part of the defense being ensured by the villagers themselves, contrary to a lordly fortress or castle of the time.

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