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Medieval Fortified Village by Ekis - 1/87 scratch base kit Aedes Ars

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I resume the construction of the lord's house. 😃

And I started with the tower - keep - on which all the buildings are based. I added some openings and Romanesque arches. The top will also be modified...

I also started with the half-timbering of the facade, starting with those above the lower door (the simplest ones).

















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Thanx all ! 😃



are you planning on opening the rest of the windows?

@popeye the sailor I don't understand what you mean by the rest of the windows?
Maybe you're talking about the 2 series of 3 Roman arches that decorate 2 faces of the tower?

If yes, then, no, they are not windows at all, but an architectural ornamentation typical of Romanesque art from the 11th to 14th centuries on important buildings.

Something like in the attached pictures. 🏰






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This must be a very satisfying journey, creating your village. You have really mastered this medium very well. It’s a pleasure to watch the progress, but it’s very hard to wait for the updates! The entire project has become a work of art. I have always loved dioramas ( which in a sense this is) because you have a much better connection to the subject than a stand alone model can bring. I can’t wait for the street level tour. Gotta get a GoPro. I would especially like to see the village during Advent or Christmastime. Being a creator comes with certain responsibilities, it’s not all fun and games!



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Just teasing. The journey is still a pleasant one. Just don’t get the idea that you can slack off! For me history is not about dates and facts, but what an individual actually experienced at the time, comparing that with what I have experienced. In the end it’s much more the same than not. So get busy, and bring us to the next chapter. Remember you have a responsibility.  😁😁



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Thank you! ☺️
I would be lying if I told you that the castle of Foix is the model!
No, actually, I have dozens of dungeon photos, but also the reading of the Dictionnaire raisonné de l’architecture française du XIe au XVIe siècle, plus my personal culture that inspired this tower.
I wanted a real medieval tower with a wooden marquee, stone hoarding, decoration in the style of Romanesque art.
In short, it's a mix...

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Now that the tower of the lord's house has been completed, I'm taking care of the two main buildings.   😉

First of all, I'm making the exterior side of the building out of dressed stone.

A detail for the moment:





For the facade on the village side, I'm putting back the scheme I've decided on:





And here are 2 parts made of these facades (it's long and quite precise to make...) :






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Continuation of this dwelling. 


I spent little time on the construction, but I still made progress on the stone part of the complex. The façades are important for the design, but I haven't forgotten that everything else on the other 3 sides of each building body is also to be built .


And then, I made a little evolution of the project by adding a house on the left, next to the dwelling.

I also adjusted the roofs (not glued) or recreated certain parts to make the whole thing coherent.


The next step was to make all the façades with wood sides, and above all to create the outside covered staircase. And that is not easy at all...

I put all the chronological images of the building site, even if some are a bit repetitive! 😁



































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Very, very nice. I can see where the staircase is going to take some work to build. But of course you’ve hired all the very best artisans from near and far to construct a house befitting a lord. Do you have any plans of giving the stone work some sort of subtle tonal washes to accent the various structural features when it’s completed?





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