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Hi all,

I am back after a long absence. I have now retired so have lots of time for my favourite hobby.

I have started to build the AL King of the Mississippi. I like AL's kits. The instructions can be a bit vague at times, but the photo instructions are mostly easy to follow.










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Still working on model. Unfortunately my pc has broke. Waiting to get a new one, so am writing this on my mobile.

Can't find a way to download pictures from mobile. Is it possible to do so, if so how.



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I just started this as well, I am still working so most likely you will stay ahead of me which will be a fantastic reference for me to use when the directions are less than satisfactory.


Also, yes, you can post from a mobile device. That is almost entirely how I post my images as I don't upload them to my computer. At the bottom of the "post" page, click the link next to the paper clip that says "click to choose files" and just upload directly from your device. The only issue I have found is that it often uploads them in a random order, not necessarily in the order you have selected them.

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 Nothing. I have even saved the pictures to Google drive. It has to be some setting on the phone. The phone is sim only. Do I need a card of some type. I am new to mobile. Only had it a few weeks so still getting used to it.





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finally I have a new PC. spent most of this morning reinstalling all the protections and getting it set up.

unfortunately my camera connection is broke so can't download the pics I have on the card. will have to buy a card reader.

below are what pictures I had on the mobile. cheap phone so quality is not great.

I don't like to see bare wood, so I am painting the model. Looking on the web at these boats most where painted all white.

But some had some nice colour schemes. the windows are a bit bright but I like them. Building the spiral staircases at present.








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Work is progressing well. There are a few mistakes to the model. The spiral staircase did not fit too well, but is mostly hidden so not too bothered.

I measured the distance of the posts using the rails. This worked fine, but when I glued them all in place I was out by just 1mm or so. This of course meant that the posts are not a perfect fit by the third deck. Also I glued the top and bottom stiffeners that hold the rails incorrectly. I have put them width up on the second deck by mistake. this has been corrected on the third deck. I was left with a choice of stripping the whole lot down and starting again or excepting that it is wrong. As it does not really show that much I can live with it and will keep as is.







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On 5/9/2020 at 4:47 PM, Paul Jarman said:

The spiral staircase did not fit too well, but is mostly hidden so not too bothered.

I found this too. Admiral says she wants normal stairs, so just waiting on the order delivery of sheet wood to make them.

As for putting the railing bars width up - I think at least some of these boats were built to owners specs, and you're the owner! 😁

Keeps safe,


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Getting close now. The main part of the ship is complete. Few iffy bits here and there, such as the rails in front of the wheel house. And the windows, had not realised I had touched the plastic until it was dry. As such they are somewhat cloudy  but I can live with it.

Time for the challenge of the masts and rigging now.

When I was working I only worked on the model at weekends, usually a Saturday morning for around 4 hours. It would have taken me two years+ to get to this stage.

This represents just over 7 months of work. Retirement is so good. loving working on a hobby I love doing.








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Finished  after eight months work. the tying off of the rigging is not great. I found out that age has caught up with me. My hands shake far to much when trying to tie the correct knots and when guiding the cord through the blocks. as such all the blocks and areas where the line is tied off are done with simple knots. I am happy with the end result and it does look good displayed on the shelf it sits on.

might do the Sampson next from the same kit maker.

I have a few sailing vessels in my stash, but not sure about them as I would struggle with all the rigging requirements. trying to tie shrouds and ratlines would be hard with the way my hands shake doing fiddly tying jobs.

Might consider building one with just the bottom masts in place without rigging and see how it looks.  







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