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HMS Winchelsea 1764 by Trussben - 1:48

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Thanks for all the comments and the “likes”.


I now have the transom installed, the 3 x 7/16” wide upper counter planks went in perfectly and their bottom aligned exactly where they should, and then I made the final lower counter top plank to fit between them with a really good transition, so I’m pretty confident that the angle and height of all these parts are correct.









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So I want to show you how I eventually figured out the correct height and position of the stool piece.

After advice from Chuck I read and reread page 112 of David Antscherl’s Comet book where he discusses this exact thing although he calls it the berthing piece.

1st - I took the height of the upper counter where it meets the lower corner of the transom.

2nd - I transferred that height to the hull side, you can see the mark is LOWER than the transom which is correct.

3rd - I used a straight edge to follow the sheer of the hull and marked a line that shows where this bottom edge will be.

4th - I used the paper templates to mark the angle and heights of the other needed reference points inc it’s upper face level and the top of the QG ( or bottom of roof )

5th - Sanding and fitting the piece being mindful that it’s upper face should follow the roundup of the transom.

If anybody sees where I made a mistake here please let me know before I go any further.









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Planked the sub decks, I had thought about making the false main deck beams from my own Swiss pear to match the other structural parts, but when I saw how beautifully that Chucks laser cut parts fitted I decided to use them and stain to match the boxwood seeing as how those beams will almost be invisible.


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