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This is my first wooden ship build, as mentioned in my introduction I used to build and fly radio controlled planes, I much preferred building them to flying!

I decided to build HMS Beagle by Occre, the subject ships history is really interesting plus I think it is a beauty!

Occre have step by step YouTube videos of the build which I'm sure will be invaluable.

I have definitely jumped in with both feet but feel I'm up to the challenge!



Instructions appear to be very detailed and walk you through step by step.


I have made a small start on the false keel 



I am currently planking the false deck.

Thanks for looking.


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I am making some progress with the Beagle, I have made a couple of errors but nothing I wasn't able to correct!20200113_095327.thumb.jpg.be0418433e47373e1bb80bb127828d9f.jpg

Deck planked and fitted.20200113_095335.thumb.jpg.ac06d7e68d980d1cc78ac084cecb60cc.jpg20200113_112206.thumb.jpg.960d016d6e5de2f63384e0655426aef3.jpg20200122_092003.thumb.jpg.9e6aa2fbfd936c0624cc5872cec206a8.jpg

Bulwark fitting, In the process of bending them to shape I snapped one of them! Probably due to being a bit impatient and a bit heavy handed, lesson learned there!! I did manage to repair it and think it is certainly passable now.

The other side I took more care and it bent lovely with out snapping.20200122_092017.thumb.jpg.0f96cef9c9df5f2984cb2db8801b5e03.jpg20200122_093217.thumb.jpg.7123641d0da22544ec685b8704a6d8ab.jpg

Getting closer to planking the hull 🙈

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Hi all,

I've been slowly making progress on the Beagle.

Made a few mistakes along the way, I didn't really want to post the pictures up of the 1st layer of planking! Little bit embarrassed to be honest.

2nd plank I didn't quite line up correctly so instead of fitting the 3rd plank in the correct place I lined it up with the 2nd one, so come the 6th plank I had a huge error. I left it overnight to decide what to do. Redo the planks or use filler.

I went for the filler option as I thought I would cause a lot of damage trying to remove them.

2nd layer went well overall I'm pleased with the results, considering my error and it is my first go at planking!





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I haven't been great at keeping this build log updated!  

I have been plodding along with my build and a very enjoyable build it is! The youtube build guide is a great help. 

Ribbons and keel are fitted.

I have painted the hull with black and white stripes. 

Transom has been fitted, this was my first attempt at bending wire rod to a pattern, I'm happy with the results so far.

Rudder has been fitted, found this quite fiddly with my trotters for hands!

Gun port doors are fitted in the closed position.

Chain plates made and fitted.

Belaying pins fitted.

Stairs, ships wheel made and fitted.

Next I'm on to making up a capstan and carronade fitted on the bow of the ship.


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