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La Niña by CRI-CRI - scale 1/48 - ship of Cristoforo Colombo - 1492 - FINISHED

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Beautiful work. I love the fact that you're taking the extra trouble to explore the options with something as simple as a set of blocks. It adds to the authenticity of the model, and also allows you to test the practicality of the various different layouts.

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Thanks Louie da fly  😀


When there is no plan, or when the documentation is lacking, the only way to approach reality is reasoning, considering that the same logical questions always generate the same functional answers: I am there the happy user of a Cartesian-type "historic-experimental" modelling"  😘







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No, the ropes are at the wrong end of the slots. If the sheaves (wheels) were in place the ropes would be around them, and would emerge from the block at the other end of the slots. It should look like this:




I didn't have sheaves, so I made fake "slots", with a hole at each end which went right through the block, and the solid part between them acted as though there was a sheave there. I hope that makes sense.


If you have sheaves, then certainly use them. If not, you might like to try my method of "fake slots".



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I believe that during the voyage, whenever possible the small boat would have been towed.  Ships’ boats of this period were quite large and heavy relative to the mother ship and crews complained about the difficulty of bring them on board.  There was also the problem that all wooden boats leak like a sieve until the planking has swelled up from being in the water.  Leaving the boat in the water would eliminate this problem.



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