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HMS Bounty by Serhii - Eaglemoss - Scale 1:45 - Second wooden ship build

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Hello all!

That's my second wooden model build. The first one was 18th century longboat from Model Shipways.  I built a lot of plastic 1/72nd scale planes of WW2, but some day I saw wooden kits and tried to build one and I like it :)

When I worked on longboat I knew that something would be next and searched for new kit to build. I've bought Emma C. Berry from Model Shipways, cause thought that it must be the same good as longboat. In reality I was upset by it. Actually by it instructions and fittings, so poor, not clear and almost no fittings. 

Then I bought Artesania Latina Botter. Good kit, but very poor instructions and no any word of rigging. But for me it's the most important part, I just like to build models, I'm not specialist, so I need good instruction for rigging.  OK, maybe model for future.

Then I read about partworks and it looked like a good idea, because in 100 - 140 magazines instructions definitely must be good and detailed.  So I bought full set of Eaglemoss Bounty (120 parts) and started working on it. I've chosen Bounty because of it's scale and good price - whole set cost me 150 US dollars, I guess it's very good price.  Occre kit, which is the same one costs 450$ in local store.

I've started this build month ago and currently I've done 30 of 120 magazine steps.

Some photos from previous steps and later I will describe my changes to build process.










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Thanks guys.

So, for now there only several steps out of instructions I made. 

Doors - I've added door handle and hinges.

Door trim - they suggested to use 3 on 3 mm plank, but it's about 15 cm in reality. I guess it's possible but looks like too much and on model it looked ugly, so I did them from 1 on 2 mm planks.

Deck flooring - it was suggested to use pencil to "caulk" deck, but I did not like result, so I bought bottle of tar and use it. It smells :) but I like the way it looks

Also on lower decks I used scheme from instruction - every second row on the same level, but on the upper deck I plank as I saw on different plans on other ships - every forth row on the same level and it looks more natural.

For painting I used three kinds of stain - oak, beech and so called 'dark wood'. Matt acrylic varnish for coating. 

For lower deck I used plastic lattice from kit, but for upper deck I'm going to order wooden one.

Last pictures are the current state. I'm working on upper deck planking.

Comparing to longboat in 1/48th scale Bounty is huge.




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2 hours ago, Howsa said:

Hi Serhii,


excellent build so far. Where did you purchase the kit, as I am interrested in getting one too?

It was local ebay analogue, so don't think can be useful for you. One guy bought magazines one by one but never started build and then sold whole set. This part work was issued 10 years ago so only private sellers can have it I guess. Actually it's an Occre kit, many shops have it, Artesania Latina has Bounty in 1/48 scale with interiors shown also. 

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I've made bulwarks and started planking. 

I'm still thinking about not doing hole in the Ship, because i feel I can't do it ideal, I'm learning on this ship. Also I've noticed that it does not correspond to Bounty anatomy of the Ship plans. Eg. Al kit internals are closer then eaglemoss kit ((( On the other hand I can always place it near the wall and nobody will see it if result is not good enough for me. 






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Recently bought 1:65 scale model of Dominica English Schooner - 1811 (art 1443) building instructions came inside box, but No diagram with parts instruction; which part is which.   Would appreciate any assistance to build this beautiful English Schooner. 

Robert       Shawrobert56@yahoo.com

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Some updates in photos 

Binnacle and building which instruction called flag box


Pumps, plumbs and cargo


Deadeyes and chains. That was difficult, 36 chains in total, I've made 22, still work on it 




Started building a boat. It should be one planking layer, but I could not do it good enough, so I puttyed it and started second planking


And one more view with stove chimney


That's all for now, almost 90 of 120 magazine numbers are behind :)


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Nice work on your Bounty! I have the Del Prado version of this part work. I think the Del Prado was based on the AL model. It certainly looks different to yours.

I like you colour scheme. I have seen it on smaller pictures, but seeing it on your model really makes it easier for me to paint mine (when I get back to it)

I will be interested to see how you get on with the rigging on your Bounty. Apparently this is a bit average with the Del Prado version.

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