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sailor jim

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Looking for opinions of Latina's Sanfrancisco II. This would be my 2nd build(1st was Swift 1805)

The Swift went well and now I would like to try something a bit more involved. Any opinions on the build

& the the kit would be most appriciated. Thanks in advance 


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The ship itself when completed is beautiful, just look at Vulcanbomber's completed log.

I am currently building this kit, as are a few others. Luckily I had time to read (on the old site) all the issues and problems with the kit while I waited for mine to arrive.

By the time I got mine, I was pleased to see that AL had addressed and fixed some of the major issues and complaints about the kit. The newest version has better cannons, AL replaced the die cast gun carriages, gratings, ladders, and created a better die cast version of the lifeboat (a hybrid version, requiring some wood installation as well). Unfortunately, although they give you all wooden parts to correct the old die cast deficiencies, they did not update the instructions. My version of instructions are still written for installation of die cast parts so they do not give you any info how to assemble the wooden parts at all. However, I don't feel anything is too difficult to figure out.

The biggest complaint is that it is a single planked kit, and the thick mahogany is near impossible to work with. A few have single planked it as designed and managed to achieve a respectable build. Myself, and many others new to the hobby have opted to double plank, as that seems to be the easier way for a first build.

Since you already have a build behind you, you may be well suited to choosing only to single plank, and achieve awesome results.

In all, I am pretty pleased with the kit and the quality of the parts. I do believe that AL has addressed and corrected most of the earlier deficiencies.


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AL San Francisco II

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