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Gluing the boltropes to the sails


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21 hours ago, Jack12477 said:

The bolt rope goes along the entire edge of the sail.

Generally, on other than some storm sails, the leech of sails is not roped. The rope is brought round the corner of the sail for a distance sufficient to reinforce the sail's corner at the cringle and then tapered to a "rat tail" which is sewn onto the leech for that distance alone.

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Be careful using super glue on cloth or cords! It releases a lot of heat when it cures. I once used it to treat the unravelled ends of 1/8" drawstrings on a sleeping bag - mistake! They soaked up a lot of glue. After a minute or so the cords became very hot and started to smoke.  I dunked them into a glass of water to avoid a fire.

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