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Whilst I'm waiting for the bulwarks to dry thought I'd just put a pic up of my set up.Things I've bought for my first build are:


Compass dividers

Map pins

Rubber bands

Wire bulldog clips

And a lovely little 360 degrees suction vice from Aldi.

Wife had a jigsaw board which I'm using for displaying plans and she also had a magnifying light.

So hasn't cost much for me to get going as a novice builder.



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8 hours ago, Oddball said:

So hasn't cost much for me to get going as a novice builder.

Yes Oddball it is surprising what little you need to get started. I will be interested to see how much your tool collection has expanded in a few years time. If you are like many of us you will be looking for a bigger workshop by then.

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i started like that, 


then got a shed



then converted the garage



then got a dog




dog is not allowed to get wet, according to the admiral, transiting between the house and my mancave so i have moved into the house/conservatory, which perhaps where i should have started from


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I started with a cookie-tin full of tools ... now it's several removal boxes and two made-to-measure crates for the milling machines. Will be moving in three to four years time and then hopefully into the well-designed (small) workshop.


Admiral's company is a consideration. However, all the computerised drawing-work will be done in the living-room - if she is there herself ;)

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Evolution over a 50 year time span:

Dining table > unfinished basement space > 6' 0" x 8' 0" box room > finished basement room (with window!) > larger finished basement with two areas > even larger finished basement room with windows > smaller basement with two rooms and overflow area. 


That's the way it goes....

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Similar evolution - folding table in corner of basement between dryer and cat litter box (lint and cat hair on everything - very bad for finishes) to single unfinished basement room, to 2 1/2 finished basement rooms (converted part of garage) to new house with single large basement room with as much floor space as prior 2 1/2 rooms, but much easier to use efficiently.  Only took 25 years.  My family has been very tolerant, but I think I've finally reached the limit.

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Hello There! I am a new member and this is my first post, my present workbench is a 2 x 4 board that I attached some legs, an added a peg board. It is not pretty, but does the job. You guys are right when predicting that we start in this hobby with a few tools and they keep growing and growing, I started with a $25 set of basic tools from Amazon, and now have a airbrush, more tweeters, small parts cabinet and other junk. Right now I am sharing a small corner of my TV room but I am negotiating with the Admiral to let me have one of the guess rooms we no longer use.

I hope my negotiations with the Admiral prove successful, otherwise, I will have to limit myself to the small corner.


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