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HMS Vulture 1776 by Dan Vadas - 1:48 scale - 16 gun "Swan" class sloop from TFFM plans - Finished

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And thank you too Geoff and Jason.


Cross Trees


The Cross Trees are the Top supports that run athwartships. All the work in cutting the rebates was done on the Byrnes saw, and the tapers were done on the disc sander :


Cross Trees 001.jpg


Cross Trees 002.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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And thank you Harvey, David, Tony, Cog and Ben.


did you buy the mast plans from Admiralty models?



Good question - I don't remember if I did or not :huh:  . I'll find out tomorrow when I pay a visit to my daughter's place where some of my stuff still is, but I hope I did :D .


EDIT - Yes I did :)




The Bolsters sit atop the trestletrees and ease the angles of the Shrouds and Forestays over them to prevent chafing :




:cheers:  Danny

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Hello Danny, I just wanted to thank you for this whole thread, it is the best resource that can be found regarding the Swan class (TFFM stands apart, of course). Your photodocumentation is impeccable and I find it most helpful. Wish you many happy days shaping your Vulture, it is a gem.

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Thanks vths, Bill, Remco (yes, I found the Masting Plans :) ), Pat and Julian.


Starboard Side Black Strake


I've fitted the "black" strake and the one above it to the Port side so that the Chains have something to attach to. I've also finished treenailing both :


Black Strake Port Side 001.jpg


Black Strake Port Side 002.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thank you Geoff and E&T.


Ironwork in the Head


A few more eyebolts needed to be fitted in the Head for the Jib rigging. One of these (or rather two) are the Bookmin Lashing Ringbolts, which are triangular in shape :


Boomkin Ringbolt.jpg


Spanshackle Ring


Another interesting piece of ironwork is the Spanshackle Ring, of which I am only fitting the port side one. This "ring" is a square section piece of iron which supports the Fish Davit when it is in use. I drilled and filed the centre out from flat sheet - the lower section has a dogleg around the eyebolt which needed rounding off :


Spanshackle Ring.jpg


Spanshackle Ring 001.jpg


Fish Davit Cleats


And finally I made the two Fish Davit Cleats which support the davits at the railing :


Fish Davit Cleats 001.jpg


Fish Davit Cleats 002.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Grant and Pat.


filing the square in the spanshackles must have been 'fun'


Not too bad, but I'm rather glad I decided to only do the ONE :D .




My 0.3mm black rigging line has turned up from Chuck, so I can continue with the Wooldings. The pics below show the sequence of fitting them so they can't come untied :


Wooldings 001.jpg


Wooldings 002.jpg


Wooldings 003.jpg


The upper bands were then fitted :


Wooldings 004.jpg


Wooldings 005.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thank you Popeye, Mark, Geoff, Adam and Jan.


Mark, the Woolding Bands are thin (0.3mm) Manilla Folder card. I tried a couple of ways to make them from wood with no success.


Thanks for the Birthday wishes sticlaru, Spyglass and Kevin, and also all those who PM'd me. Much appreciated.


I'm afraid my computer is malfunctioning at the moment. I can't post any pics, so an update on my progress (and I've made a fair bit) may take a while until I fix the problem.


:cheers:  Danny

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Hi Dan, 


Happy Birthday.



Thank you for giving me the inspiration to re start my "Royal Caroline" that has been untouched for about 8 years! I stopped because as it was my first build, I reached a point where I got stuck. I thought I had done a good job so far, but did not want to spoil her.


I can’t wait re start. Thank you and all the other guys out there for all the tips. I wish I had


found this site sooner!



Also due to my father being an antiquarian book dealer, I have acquired some not great, but interesting old books regarding rigging ect. for sail boats and early ships modellers handbooks. I will dig them out and share them with anyone who is interested.



Take care,





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