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1 hour ago, Osmosis said:

Very nice job on this one. I love these little Midwest kits to bad they are getting so hard to find.


Regards Art

I bought just about every type I could find lol...their are still quite a few at a good price on eBay.  I even found a two seater Chesapeake bay kayak 😆 

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1 hour ago, VTHokiEE said:

It looks really nice! I completely agree about the Midwest kits. They are a great intro for beginners. It’s a shame they aren’t still being made. 

What do you think you’ll tackle next?

I will be starting two logs actually 😝

Following In the wake of the ridiculous money I have spent on eBay, I will be starting a Peterboro Canoe which is a level 2 kit and one I am hoping to do a nice job on and also a Artesania Latina King of mississipi but this kit is probably 80’s...it’s also advertised as 1:50 scale which I don’t think it is, the newer ones are 1:80 I believe.

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This is the first time I've seen those photos of your Midwest models and they're all very nice. At some point, I want to build a small, working boat and attempt to do some weathering on it and make it look like a real, hard working boat that been through the wringer but still going strong.



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