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the Clotilda by popeye the sailor - Steingraeber - 1:60 scale - slave ship

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Hey Denis,


Ranting is good - it clears stress then you can get back on an even keel. Glad things are "working out" at work for you. 


PS: Seven of the then younger guys I used to spend a lot of seat time with - all got furloughed - not sure when they will return to any kind of full time work. We still stay in touch...

As everybody sorta knows United AIrlines has cut 90+% of their scheduled cycles. Airports are ghost towns. Oh! the Admiral is fighting to get a refund from UA for her cancelled flight.




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54 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

litmus test to see if {or how much} it will take before the admiral wants to kill me

I been on eggshells for the last month  :P I keep tellin' she'll be incarcerated for elder abuse (she's 3 yrs my junior)

Nice job on the boom collars the portalls look good too

I'm pushin to get Jumbo done this week, as I said early on it's gonna be gifted and I'd like to do that Saturday 

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thanks Michael.......sorry all.....wish I could go back to the days when I enjoyed my job (s).   my job doesn't put me as close to it,  than the 'front line' workers...doctors and nurses.  I feel bad for them all,  and hope that the virus dies out.  very well could be a whole new world when it's over.  sorry to hear of your plight....hope everything works out.


I forgot your older than me J.......your already retired :)    tell me......does the mind go first? :wacko:   thanks......don't know why I haven't tried that before......it was so easy!  I've done soldering,  but not like that.  gifted.......who you gonna give 'er too?    ME?!?!?!?!......awwwwwww:blush:...you shouldn't.........you mustn't! :wub:    you're TOO kind!


thanks John :)  was gonna do more,  but after the haircut........and an errand,  I sat down to watch depressing news and ended up taking a nap.   I think I'll watch paint dry next time!  I did get a tiny bit more done on the other hull.......should be starting a separate log soon.  it's look'in like it will avoid the Viking funeral  ;) 

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8 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

tell me......does the mind go first?

I've found that's usually on the way out before you get there...I would of thought two Jumbos would be enough for you :D while I was building the Hannah a friend kept hinting around that he would like to have it...well they're getting Jumbo 

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good morning my friend, lovely to catch up on your build, they look great


i think i retired at the wrong time, perhaps you can blame me for the world falling apart, because ever since the end on Jan it has


here in the UK, it has been very interesting watching how our government has handled the plague, lots has been done to support a vast majority of workers, and support shown for all the front line services

Its a strange world, but for the first time in my life i am getting board of the BBC news reporters and there interpretation of events, LOL they had 3 years of Brexit and telling us how it could not be done, and it was, and since then they have not been able to report on anything apart from the weather and the corvid outbreak, telling us that this or that is not going to work and it has

i quess that if i was working, i would be less aware of what was going on, rather than hearing or seeing updates every 2 minutes,

still i am getting my build done, DIY continues, weather is fantastic for gardening, plenty to eat and drink, so for me a day in retirement, is no different to being retired

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hello Kevin.......sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.   yea....this Corvid thing is gett'in on my nerves too.   not so much the virus itself,  but the disruption it's caused....but it does have a silver lining,  and enabled me to take a couple of weeks off :)   it's been nice.......soon reality will hit and I will have to go back.   I only have a couple of years left to go.   I've kinda held off on the Clotilda.......I'm planking that other hull,  and due to the thinner bulkheads and old wood,  it's been a bear.  now I know how J felt.  I'm almost done with it,  so I can devote time to the Clotilda when I'm done :)   I've had a few honey dos too.....thankfully they have been small.


I'd show a picture of the other hull,  but I'll wait till I start the log on her.........she will be the Brig Agillis


thanks for look'in in and a big thanks to those who are still hitt'in the like button.  I'll have something soon :) 

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  • 5 months later...

it took a bit of effort,  but as you can see,  I've found where this build fell in the phylum :)   I know......I haven't updated in a while,  but being distracted with everything going on around me,  I haven't been able to focus......sucks to be sure  ;)   but these last few days have been somewhat of a breakthrough........I managed to get a little done on this model.  sadly,  I still don't have a camera good enough to show you what I've accomplished,  but I hope to have a remedy for this soon.   it not much.........cemented the grates in place on the deck........drilled the holes and grommeted the anchor hawse holes on the deck.   I plan to add the cap rails and cement the rest of the parts I have ready on the deck........put some progress on this 'ole girl! 👍

....to be continued  ;) 

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sure will John ;) 


here as well,   I felt bad not showing any pictures.   I took a couple.........


the sun comes into the spare room quite well.   the grates are cemented in place,  and I drilled and placed the hawse holes on the deck,  on each side of the main mast.    the fore deck and the other structures are dry fitted still....I'll get to them after the cap rails are in place.   I still need to make the catheads and run the anchors.  it's all progress my friends :) 


thanks for being patient everyone.........more soon :) 

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I had another good day of playtime :)   hoping that my train hadn't left the station,  I'm trying to get my bearings on where I left off.   I had cut a bunch of dual ring mast fittings as I recall.........time to try them out.   since this is somewhat of a dual build,   I cut two bow sprits and two booms.  they were assembled using these fittings.........I need to cut more {I was also going to make different sizes and band combinations.  I used the admiral's phone again.......I'm really starting to like it.  I can still size down the pictures, cutting down on the picture file size.  the original picture is over 2 megs.......by sizing it down,  I bring it down into the kb's..........2.98mb down to 104kb.


the other one is for the Agilis.........I fleshed out the Clotilda first.   drilling three holes,  one on the underside of the spirit and another straight through the spirit horizontally,  I added the spreader and striker.   small diameter dowel.


there are some small fitting bits to add before I can mount it.


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thanks Kevin.....and thanks to those who hit the like button :)    yea......I think it's about time I got back to this duo.  the kit wasn't that good,  but I think there is a neat little model in the box somewhere.  I've seen a couple finished models........there are a few things out of whack......like the mast height being the most obvious.    J and I figured that out quickly and.....well, J is done with his....so I guess it's my turn.


this was my idea.........go figure  ;) 

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:D   yea John........the camera phone is a bit more revealing  {must remember to wear pants! :blush:}


thanks Richard......slow at first.   once I can get some decent session time,  I can really get more done.


I got a bit more done on the Agilis bow spirit......here are the two and the difference.


.......as mentioned,  the camera phone is a bit more revealing.   I'm sure some are scratching their heads wondering what that monstrosity is in the picture.  a while back,  I was browsing through the old model kits site,  and I saw these two kits from Model Aerodrome Limited...one was of the Victory and this one of the Golden Hind.   they listed for $89.00,  which I thought was pretty cheap for a wooden kit.   I showed them to the admiral......she liked the Hind better,  so I ordered it.   Model Aerodrome is an old company,  that specialized in flyable model aircraft.....wood for the most part.   the kit is actually produced from another company called Marinecraft.  it's been a while since I researched the kit,  these two companies either merged or was bought up,  going under the name,   Model Aerodrome.  I don't recall if the company is still in business,  but was located in Birmingham,  England.


it's pretty lame construction,  made mostly of Balsa........two words would be primitive and poor.   the admiral laughed........"you bought it......you build it!"

    so....that's what I'm doing.   I bought it a while ago.....took some time to come up with ideas on how to make it a better looking model,  and here it is now.   I guess you can say that I'm going to put the old adage to the test..........how much paint will it take to cover this much sin?  ;)  :D  :ph34r:  


I've added a guide pin to the bow spirit and dry fitted it to the Clotilda's bow....


I'll go hide now...............

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thanks Ed.......yepper,  leave it up to me  ;)   it will remain to be seen though......pardon if I don't do a log on it.   I'll be sure to let ya know if I make a breakthrough on it  ;)   I am glad that your still look'in in.........glad that you all are still here :) 


I did make some progress in the camera dept today.......I bought an 'up to date' phone........I feel like George Jetson 🚀    it has a built in camera........it fit the budget,  but the guy didn't give the camera quality a high rating.  I felt insecure,  so I also bought a camera too.   this one is probably a step up from the Kodak easyshare I use to own.......the one that fell into the glass of soda :blush:   having to download the manual for it,  I gave it a read........and then did a couple of test pictures.   we're back in pictures boys!..........let the good times roll.  once I get the hang of the phone,  I'll try the camera out,  to see if the guy was right.......or new on the job  ;)   I wanted to update the Agilis log,  but got pulled away on this little adventure.  I'll be doing that in a moment.....just gotta put my sandals on  ;) 


thanks for look'in in folks!

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more progress on the Agilis........I fleshed out the aft deck.    the aft section was raised by 5 mm.


I got a little fancy with the sides........I'm not gonna go too crazy,  but since this is a fictitious ship,  I guess I can do a few things ;) 


once this was sanded,  it was capped off and cased in for the railings.


I left an opening for the stairs.   I also gave it a slight overhang.   


after some more sanding,  it was painted and the deck planking was laid down.  looks like part of the ship now  ;) 






sooner or later,  I can involve both ships with progress.   I still need to do the rub rails for the Agilis

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