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the Clotilda by popeye the sailor - Steingraeber - 1:60 scale - slave ship

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thanks all for the kind comments :)    as I was scrolling down,  I made the realization that I had posted this update on the wrong log..... :D  :D    I won't bother to change it.....but I'll make sure in the future ;)   thanks for the likes as well!


building a fictitious ship Richard does have it's rewards.  it give one a chance to express a little more freedom,  but still one has to be careful not to go out on a limb ;)   the Clotilda,  on the other hand,  is a known ship......I've found that I won't get this model as correct as I would like,  but I will certainly get her in the ballpark.   the Bluenose is looking awesome!

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hello Keith......sorry I haven't replied sooner.  the wreckage of the clotilda was thought to have been discovered in March of 2018.   study though,  seem to point that it wasn't the clotilda,  so the search continued.  on April 19th,  the first piece was brought to the surface.  it was kept hush for about a year,  until it was a verified find.........on May 22, 2019  it was official.   she was a two masted schooner,  86 ft long with a bean of 23 ft.  she had a copper hull.  the info I have makes no mention of a center board.  since the kit itself is the subject of a fictitious slave ship,  the idea of the clotilda came to mind when I read the article in the Feb 20 edition of the National Geographic.  the kit box art { to me} shows it to be more of a Brigg,  than a schooner,  so with the parts I had left over,  I created another hull and named her the Agilis {good a name as any for a Brigg}.   the kit has presented a little bit of a problem though.....the hull should be a little bit longer,  to be able to depict a better looking Clotilda.........but it will pass muster.......not like it's going to be a museum piece ;) 

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the idea of building two vessels from a single kit works well.....but it can be a little confusing.   the good thing here though,  is that one blooper can be a benefit to the other.  most of the parts will look the same in some way or another,  so a lot of the fabrications can be done in pairs.  the rudders,  for instance......I made up two of them....one for the Agilis,  and one for the Clotilda.


as mentioned in the Agilis build,  I will need to make the gungeons and pintles to attach it to the stern.  I did cut all of the first steps for the masts.


I haven't added to the mast as of yet.......I've been concentrating on the Agilis.  since the Agilis is to have both masts with a top,  the recent oops in not adding one to the mizzen mast,  is a boon for the Clotilda......she will inherit the mizzen,  since all she requires is a crosstree.   once swapped over,  the crosstree was fleshed out some more.


more updates soon  :) 



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thanks for the good word gents.....didn't do much yesterday.....just did more with the masts.  I also took some 7 mm brads and inserted them in the mast roots.   helps to set the proper rake.  yep.....still at it J.........can't have you be the ONLY one to have built one of these fine :blink: Steingraeber kits!   you did a really nice job with yours,  so at least I know there IS a fine look'in model hidden in the box somewhere.  I'll keep digg'in.....I'll find it sooner or later ;) 


thanks John......while it would seem logical to to do them one at a time,  I hate to leave the other in the dust.  knowing that I will likely need parts in pairs does make it easy.  fun times :) 

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