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Esmeralda by Chborgm - Billing Boats No 730 - Naval Training Ship

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Just got this kit. I haven't built anything for about two years due to arthritis in my hands, so I might not do the rigging, but I think i can still do the carpentry work. So stay tuned, and follow along. I could only find one other log on this ship by "alpayed", and his work is fantastic. Don't expect this quality from me, but i'll try. 

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After reviewing the kit my first reaction is: The wood looks good quality, but the quantity is going to be tight. The instructions are a set of assembly drawings (no words), but look easy to follow. The fittings are all in two plastic boxes that I am not going to open until I need them.  If I opened them I am sure i would lose something. So I am happy so far, I just hope i am up to it. 

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As you can see by the attached photos I have started the build up of the hull. The quality of the plywood and laser cut are very good. As you can see I have added some hole in the bulkheads to accomadate wireing that I have added for lighting. I have puts lights in the last several models I have built and it adds a nice effect. Pls excuse the clutter on my work bench I am not a neatnick at heart. I have added a picture of the "Portland" (Bluejacket) to show the lights.




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Have done a fair amount. I have a few intermediate picture, and in the lates one I have placed the upper superstucture and have wiring in for upper lights. I  am not putting navigation lights . Mainly because  i only had 5mm green and red leds, and at 1:100 scale they just over powered. Also , the truth,  It looked very hard to do.  




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It has been several months since I up dated this log so let bring it up to date with a few pictures. Most of the deck items are not glued down yet because I will add them after I finish rigging. The last picture with lights I am going to tone down those deck lights.



2020-06-02 10.11.24.jpg

2020-06-02 10.11.41.jpg

2020-06-02 10.11.49.jpg

2020-06-02 10.15.36.jpg

2020-06-02 10.16.08.jpg

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I am sorry that I have not kept this log alive. Due to some age (im 90) related problems I have not done anything since last post ) 6/2020). 

One the source of lights, they are 12V, and I got all mine on ebay. All colors are available, and not expensive. As noted above you have to really plan ahead. I put a couple connecting blocks in the hull. that makes for shorter lines.

I am picking up the work to day so stay tuned. It is really a fun build.



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