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HMS Pegasus by Mugje - Amati - 1:64 - Second build

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Hello everyone!


It's time to open a new log after finishing the HM Pickle. That was a wonderful project and i'm happy with the result. 


It can be found here:



So I chose the HMS Pegasus as a second build because it is somewhat larger then the Pickle and a bit more challenging I asume.

But the appearance of the ship is what's the most important factor for me and the Pegasus is a beautiful ship!

The lines of the Swan Class are just wonderful, and a nice bonus is that the kit designer is here on the forum. Plus it's a different manufacturer

so the construction and building manuals etc. are somewhat different, so that's interesting to. I also purchased the 3D digital model that is just released by 

Greg Herbert to assist me in the build and give me ideas to finetune the kit. The goal is to take the kit a step further then the previous one and to

modify as much as I feel comfortable with and expand my skillset a bit :)

There are great logs on the forum to assist me with this build like the great build logs of Blue Ensign and Vulcanbomber and many others, so I will look into them!


So let this new journey begin!



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My first plan was to replace the walnut by pearwood and the tanganyika by maple, but the quality is so good that i'm in doubt.

Even the colors aren't so far from each other


The above strip is pearwood and the bundle is the walnut...but those are thoughts for later


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I've decided to implement a rabbet with this build. Not really necessary offcourse, but a nice new challenge/skill to aquire.

I just draw a line with a pencil where the rabbet runs, and also the bearding line I marked this way. A bit of eye-balling works for the bearding line.

And with a chisel and file the rabbet is very easy to cut because of the MDF. It's very soft and "layered" so you have to be careful not to

use to much force! 😉





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Thank you Richard! Learning new skills is always good. The hull is going to be double planked...so I can only use the rabbet for the first planking. I asume for the second layer a rabbet is 

not possible. But in the future...if i'm going to plank a single planked hull, I know how to do it :D


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2 hours ago, SpyGlass said:

Now is the time to sort pedestal mountings  if you are going to use them !

Thanks! Yes I was planning to glue the keel on to the false keel when I finish the rabbet. And the drill the holes through both of them.

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