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The several people who are using Blender show great results.

The Blender tutorials I've gone through are very skimpy on how to get scanned drawings into blender, setting up WL,Offset and frame planes, etc. Is there anyone who knows of a tutorial for accomplishing this? I'm wondering if downloading / buying a book meant for architectural drawing would be the way to start.

Would it be better to do in TurboCad, with which I have used for several model plan creations, and then importing it into Blender as a 3D object that retains individual parts for rendering?

If I've missed a thread in MSW please let me know.

Thanks for any help.


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I am using FreeCAD to build the 3D model and have just started importing it into Blender using .wrl. See my other posts on FreeCAD.

Most of the model seems to be there but I am struggling with the representation of parts and surfaces in Blender. It recogizes parts but seems to need splitting of surfaces if the surfaces have a different material.

If anybody has experience it would be greatly appreciated.




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here's one result using search in YouTube. there are tons of tutorials available, just use keywords for blender and the topic you require. I.e. "blender working with materials". ;)




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Here is my log of playing around with Blender.  The first post shows how I imported plans into Blender and scaled them to the scene.  I was using Blender 2.79.  There are interface differences in Blender 2.8, but the procedure is basically the same, as illustrated in the video Denis posted above.




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take a look at this tutorial collection, there's bound to be something useful in there:



also very useful and good YouTube channel:



I would suggest following any hard surface tutorial (cars, weapons, sci fi ships and stuff). while the subject isn't actual shipbuilding, what you learn there should be enough to tackle any ship. at least it was for me... ;D


good luck! 

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