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Brigantine Phoenix by Moreplovac - Master Korabel - 1/72

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Still waiting for ropes to arrive, so in the meantime, i continue to add a few more details to the gun carriage...


Simple made a pilot holes first, drill a hole and insert a piece of a wire, cut the extend and push it in with opposite end of scalpel holder.


Pilot holes and holes drilled..




During this process, accident could happen... pressing to hard with a scalpel holder and snap...




But it can be fixed correctly..


All cannons completed. Next will add a small eyebolt, train tackle loop.


Happy modeling.









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While waiting for this virus outbreak to leave us alone, continue making eye bolts...


First the spring was made out 0.3mm wire, using 0.9mm drill bit..



Then rings were cut out of it, one at a time since i dont have small enough wire cutters to cut few of them at once..



The flakes of solder were cut as well...



Small amount of soldering paste was applied to ring and, lets call it a leg, was positioned in such a way so it touches the ring, in the place where the ring circle is closing.. and tiny piece of soldering flake was added to..



And soldering can start, small amount of flame, kind of easy cooking process..



The end result...



For next batch of eye bolts, i prepared a small assembly line: several eye bolts lined up, ready to be solder....



Sometimes that small solder flake just does not want to stay put... second eye bolt needs resoldering..



Then i decided to make a soldering balls out of solder flakes, just to make it a bit more fun..



The assembly line does not change a lot..



Completed eyebolts and parts waiting for assembly..



These sets of eyebolts will be used to attach the cannon rope to the ship... the smaller eyebolts will be attached to the cannons....


All cannons completed and waiting for a rope...



Happy modeling..




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In the meantime i started to work on ship boat.. The instructions are fine, enough detailed but a few more instruction pictures would be beneficial..


The whole package of items needed for a boat are all included in one ziplock-type bag, including instruction.




Items in the sheet are cut properly, very precise laser cuts and easy to remove. But they are very fragile and needed to be removed carefully..


Cut, remove, sand, glue.....





Happy modeling..








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Big mistake: do NOT glue the frames into the jig. You will have to remove the jig later first, then partially cut the frames.

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5 minutes ago, DPK said:

Big mistake: do NOT glue the frames into the jig. You will have to remove the jig later first, then partially cut the frames.

You are absolutely right; i was thinking about later how to complete the boat and realized that it was a mistake.. Started to remove the frames...



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While still waiting for ropes to arrive, the work on ship boat continues..

The frames were removed with a little help of a ammonium, and jig was cleaned by sanding it all around. And yes, did i mention these parts are fragile...


Particular attention and caution should be applied when cutting parts of the board. Very tiny parts....




Did i mention parts are fragile!




Boards are soaked for easy manipulation. They need just a little twist to be able to lay down correctly. They might break dough...





Happy modeling..








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Well, planking time it is...

Getting ready for planking, ribs are all glued and installed, brief hull sanding, and lets get it done..




First plank... cut it, sanded and dipped in the water for easy twisting.. i started with super glue..



For first two ribs, i use super glue so i don't have to keep pressing longer. For all other ribs (frames) i use carpenter's glue to glue plank. It takes a bit longer to dry but have a bit more time to adjust the plank. All excess glue needs to be removed before dropping a plank in the place.










Work continues tomorrow..





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Nothing exciting to report.

Planking was completed on the boat. A bit of a planking touch up is still needed, final touches with scraping and sanding... a layer of danish oil will be applied at the end...





Happy modeling.




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Planking has been completed...



... some scrapping and sanding done to smooth the planks.





Some of those ribs have been broken during the sanding process..


Now it is time to remove the jig from the boat... carefully breaking it..



And done, the jig was removed..


During the breaking process, one of the ribs, the last one broke. Even doung it will not be visible, need a fix. Out of the some cut piece, i made a replacement. Bit of sanding, filing, testing, fitting....



and all is good again..


Rest of the ribs were installed. First a short water bath, gentle twist and installation in the spot.






There are some glue left particles that will be visible so i need to remove them once all ribs are in place.


Happy modeling.









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4 hours ago, ccoyle said:

These little ship's boat kits are really something!

Yes, they are and this one is not exception. But it is very fragile...



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Did the ship's boat kit come as part of the ship kit, or did you buy them separately? I'd love to replace the cast-metal boats in my "Terror" kit with some nice wooden ones!

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11 minutes ago, Keith S said:

Did the ship's boat kit come as part of the ship kit, or did you buy them separately?

I believe that MK sells an upgraded version of the kit that includes the boat(s), but they can also be purchased separately -- something to keep in mind if you decide to add one to your build.

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Thanks Chris, I just found them online sold separately. Just got the ruler out now, to see if one would fit my model!


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15 minutes ago, Keith S said:

Thanks Chris, I just found them online sold separately. Just got the ruler out now, to see if one would fit my model!


MK do more sizes. I think they have 3 different mini kits in 1/72 scale. 

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I've ordered the largest one -3.75"- it's a bit small but marginally so. I will enjoy the model more with its high degree of detail. Unfortunately the other two ship's boats on Terror are canoe-stern ones so I can only do the big one but I will enjoy it. Thanks lads for your suggestions.


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All ribs are installed...




Excess height was trimmed



A layer of danish oil was applied, even dough i might have wait till all internal boat structures were mounted..



One of the ribs broke during jig removal phase so i had to fix it. You will see it at the top of the picture and after some trimming this is final result. Appears to be fixed fine..



Continue with work...







The keel has to be trimmed a bit to accommodate the last piece...



Not sure how to call this middle square box, but there are two of them, both need to be trimmed under the angle. So i try one before glue it and second after it was glued.

Well no preferences, both will work just fine.




With all these virus issues, i am working from home which brings back to me two hrs daily spent on driving... so extra hours for hobby...


Happy modeling.









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Work continues with ship boat.

All pieces are easy removed from the frames, a bit of a sanding and removing of laser burn is required.




The front of a boat is done from three pieces, the same as other thwarts, mast, forward, center...







Happy modeling.





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Continue with boat building... after a layer of danish oil covering all inside areas..


Using a file i sanded all edges on gunwales




Rawlocks were removed, cleaned and glued to gunwale... during which process a gunwale snapped..



Work on rudder has started... by soldering pin ...


Soldering helping hands..




Dry testing..


Happy modeling..




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Gunwales fixed, rawlocks glued and all painted in flat black, ready for assembly..



In attempt to blackening the pin and rudder gudgeon, i left them in the blackening solvent, and forgot :-). Today they were all disintegrated... so new parts have to be made.


i use a piece of copper wire, flattened it down and made a new parts..



Fitting testing on rudder



Blackening, this time in controlled fashion 🙂



Glued to the boat...



Another piece glued (sorry not sure what is the name of it)...



The gunwales are mounted...



And another view..




Happy modeling..



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The boat has been completed. Overall it is very nice product, easy to put together, the quality of parts are very good, the wood is also of a good quality. But, the parts are very fragile and prone to breakage.

The keel and stern, rudder and some other parts are made of different wood type than rest of the boat. Did not pay to much attention at the beginning to paint those parts in matching color. This way the keel and stern are in different color. I dont like it and i might ended up making another one. Will see but the mental note will be: paint the wood in the color that will cover the laser burns because it is very difficult to remove those burns without breaking the part... Or paint the boat in some other color schema that might not be accurate representation of the period.


Rudder completed... For rudder i started a bit different approach. First i mounted all pintles and gudgeon together, up and down and then i slide the rudder in. A bit of a glue was applied to gudgeons as well..


The eye bolt was added to stern and bow, as a detail; dont see it on the installation instruction..



The coat of satin varnish was applied to the whole boat, inside and out.


And here it is...




Then i started to work on rows... few extra parts were glued up and down on the row that will be rounded later...

Again very tiny parts... must be careful 🙂



Happy modeling..



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Looking into rudder, it does look a bit weird; the gap appears to be too big between rudder and a boat.. Need to redo it a bit..

Unfortunately i was not able to locate any info about the rudder on kit plan..




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The rudder has been replaced.. the challenge was that there is no rudder schema available so i had to do a bit of research to come up with one that is close to the original as possible.


I have used some left over wood and transfer rudder on it..


Rudder was cut and shaped and installed on the boat. I am not fully satisfied with its look but will leave it as is for now. Rudder was not glued, just slide in..


During process of mounting a new rudder, gudgeon snapped and replaced..


10 rows were also completed...


Since i am still waiting for a ropes to arrive, i put all completed parts aside.


And the fun part started..


First i marked all parts based on kit diagram.


I have used a HB pencil in case some of those marks needs to be erased later.


Started with bulkhead, by removing them from the frame. The frame is strong so few different knifes are required to remove parts.


 Dry fit without any sanding shows that parts are very precise cut and easy to assemble...


Sanding was applied to keel and all bulkheads just enough to remove excess laser cut burns..


All bulkheads were removed, sanded and dry fit...


And the first bulkhead glued..


More to come..


Happy modeling.




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Continue with bulkhead assembly..


Not sure how this part is called but D1L is going on 🙂, dry fit..


And gluing it all ...


And yes, my ropes finally showed up with some on back-order as well....


Happy modeling..







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Friends, your opinions will be appreciated.


This great kit contains a piece of decorative plywood simulating deck planking, ready to be assembled on the ship.


I am kind of used to that all deck planking are made of straight planks, not as curved as on this sample. I am not familiar with bending methods during days when this real ship was built that will allow plank bending in the way they have represented here..

I am leaning towards more classical deck planking method where planks are all running straight (like in my Sultana model)....


..and where joggling the deck planking when they meet the margine planks...


What is your opinion?










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I really like your build, nice work!


I got my hands on MK Polotsk that is on the que on self. Hope to start that maybe during the summer time.

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