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I just became aware that Testor's has made the decision to discontinue the Floquil line of paints as well as several other lines.  I am not effected being a user of Badger Model-flex Acrylic Marine Paints but I know a lot of you use the Floquil stuff even with it's horrendous odor.


Maybe this will be the tipping point to make the switch to acrylics


I switched to the Badger acrylics in 1999 after Testors discontinued the Floquil Marine paints w/o even the courtesy of an announcement immediately after acquiring Floquil.  I haven't used a Testors product since then because when I made several inquiries to Testors about the unavailability of the Floquil Marine paints they never replied and it was months before the hobby distributors could get an official word regarding the dropping of the line. Apparently  they wanted to sell as much of the remaining paints as possible.  I guess they thought it was better to let the hobby shops watch the unsold stuff dry up in the bottles.






Friday, May 17th, 2013 

Dear Valued Partner, 

I am writing to inform you about changes that are taking place at the Testor Corporation. For over 80 
years, we have provided premium paints and finishing systems to the craft and hobby industry. Today, 
we announced that we are transforming our business in order to more effectively address the changing 
needs of our consumers and their interests. 

We’ve made the decision to exit the following businesses within the Testor® Brand family - Pactra®, 
Floquil®, Polyscale®, and ColorArtz®. This will enable the Testor Corporation to return to our foundation 
of success – providing premium, innovative product that inspires creativity. We will continue to accept 
orders and ship product for a limited time based on available quantities. 

Going forward, the following brands will be critical to our success and development – Testor®, Model 
Master™, and Aztek®. These brands will be infused with marketing support, innovation and operational 

In support of this, we have announced a consolidation of operations at our Rockford facilities. Over the 
next several months we will provide updates critical to your order and delivery needs as well as product 
availability. We assure you there will be no disruption to service during this transition. 
Our commitment to the Testor brand has never been stronger. By implementing these changes, and the 
ability to leverage all of Rust-Oleum’s world class services, we are more strongly poised to take your 
business to the next level through product and merchandising innovations, and increased customer 
intimacy. Please contact me or your sales manager directly with any questions. 

We appreciate your business! 

Best Regards, 

Kristin J. Schiro 
Director of Sales & Marketing


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I'm bummed out. I was just getting used to Poly-scale after a life of Floquil use!  The thinness of the coverage didn't hide fine detail.


Another company for RR colors is Scalecoat, but it stinks even worse.


 I've used water based acrylics for some of my artwork, even under Automotive clear coats since 1976 or so. Not sure what  brand I'll use for hobby type work now, but I'm going to stick with water based acrylics.  After a lifetime of solvent based paint use it's time to clean out! The auto paint I used to use in my custom painting business gave me some NASTY hangovers!


Von Stetina

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Thanks for the heads-up Kurt. That explains why it's been so hard to find over here lately. Time to switch to Acrylics I feel. I think I'll go down the Windsor & Newton path myself. I think it was Chuck who advised on a few suitable colour names for our purposes, and being Artists' supplies, I would hope they won't suffer the same fate!

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