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La Tartane by GeorgeKapas - FINISHED - Heller - 1/150 - PLASTIC

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Hello again! Another tiny and old Heller kit, a small sailing ship representing the Mediterranean "tartane" type. 

The kit is not actually that bad. The yards were unusable and had to be made anew. The mainmast was also changed a bit. the plastic sails were also no good. Other than that I did very few modifications. 






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What a nice model you made out of that Heller kit!

Two questions: what did youuse for the sails? The material looks quite good (both in colour and in texture)

and the second one: did you paint the lines between the hull planks just freehand?? I see no belading, runnin gor other issues in the paint.... I can't even paint a full size door without my paint running in all directions :)





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The sails are made out of silk, I have some leftover strips from custom made curtains. It is the best material available to me, it bends and stays in position very good, behaving completely different from simple linen or cotton. It will look even better in bigger models, surely. I guess all my models will have these sails until I run out :) .  The lines are done with a mechanical pencil, I attached a plastic piece on it's point near the tip to draw parallel to the whale. After a matte coat you cant see the difference between enamel and pencil. As for the blocks and deadeyes, they are made out of spruce plastic and they are the most troublesome to make.  


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