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HM Cutter Sherbourne by Dfell - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:64

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Hello - The finish line is in sight. Rigging done except for the anchors as awaiting to order suitable thread which seems to be out of stock.

Have redone the front stay as felt the mouse / collar section needed to be lower down.




Tiller rigged plus rope support for steps.

Also swivel guns installed. The brackets are hooks straightened out then bent into required shape. A 2mm hole drilled into the gun posts and a brass tube inserted and then the brackets plus gun. Was not confident in fitting handles to swivel guns which I would like to have done.






Was not sure  I liked what was required for the royal stay and how it was tied off so did something similiar to what is on my HMS Supply build.





So anchors and rope coils next and then how to mount and a case.


Thank you for looking and the 'Likes'.











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Hello - I finished about a week ago and now just waiting for the holiday period to end so as I can order the display case.

The anchors all roped up - I know the anchors should be tied with a knot but always think the knot ends up looking rather large.






Have done the stand / slipway - idea pinched from Dubz who I would like to thank although by the looks of things he has been banned. A great loss.












All rope coils added.




Well that's it, other to thank all the Sherbourne builds which were a great help and hopefully I haven't let the side down.

Would like to also give credit to Blue Ensign who showed how to do swivel gun brackets from hooks on his Pegasus.


Thank you for looking in and all the past comments and likes.

Will update with a final photo once display case arrives.


Hope next year is better for everyone.








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