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Goodbye all from Dan Vadas. (You will be missed by us all) RIP

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You are such a brave man Dan. I ve been silently following your work since I joined the community and admire your skills and ethos. No goodbuys, you will never really be gone from this forum mate. Stay strong, I hope you and your family are getting all the help you need in these difficult hours.



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My father passed away when I was 20 and I was just starting to realize the Ole Man knew alot more than I had been giving him credit for the same thing could be said for your builds since I am a short timer here :imNotWorthy: Now I hope the Old Man  upstairs lets you/us play just like we did here up there.Thanks for the insights Sir :salute: Kevin

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Hi Dan,

I was shocked by your sad news. With so many here, you were one of the first to react to my entry into this forum and got me over the line in starting my first log a few years back.

Your advice, knowledge and build logs will be sorely missed but not forgotten. Your legacy will stay.


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Posted (edited)

Your build log of HMS Vulture was the first log I started on reading - not knowing it was hughe(!), and it got me hooked on modelling again. Thank you for that, Dan.


Sharing this makes MSW even more like a family, one which will most certainly remember and cherish you, and your legacy for the future. I, like so many others before me, would like to wish you, and your family strength, and hapiness during this difficult period.


I feel most fortunate to have met you

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Danny, I am so sorry to hear of your situation.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, sir. 


I first became aware of your fine work and sage advice in the MSW 1.0 days and have appreciated the encouragement you gave to me and countless others over the years.  Watching your builds in progress has been a source of inspiration to many of us, and your work supporting the site has been invaluable as well.


May you find comfort and joy in the time to come.


With utmost respect,


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I just caught up with this and am saddened to hear about your health. Our prayers go out to you and your family. You've been a great addition to the forum, staff, and community as a whole. I certainly will have you in my thoughts onward and pray for a miracle!


Fair winds and following seas,



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