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Goodbye all from Dan Vadas. (You will be missed by us all) RIP

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After reading through so many deeply felt posts - to finish - here - with positive thoughts from you was SO uplifting to read!!!  Feel better - keep your mind active with positive thoughts, and so glad that you are able to return to your hobbies. 




Michael D

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I can't add any sentiment that hasn't already been expressed. I will add, on a personal note, that you have been very generous to me with your insight, wisdom and humor for which I am most grateful. From the responses to your news, I'd say you have positively impacted many lives around the globe. You are a remarkable fella! Thanks for being you.


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I just found out that Danny passed away over this weekend from his long illness.  


Very sad.  What can you say about Danny.  He was a very prolific and exceptional model builder. I have known him for years.  He would help msw members with anything even before he became a moderator and admin.  And when he was healthy, he always volunteered to help make the forum better even when he knew the task at hand wasnt going to be easy or fun.   He created “how to” tutorials on how to use the forum and became the go to guy whenever any member needed help.  He spent a lot of time with each and every member as if he was their personal Guide to MSW.  He had the patience of a saint.  And always treated you like you were the only person in the room.  He gave you his utmost attention.  RIP my friend.  And thank you for letting me say goodbye.



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