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Goodbye all from Dan Vadas. (You will be missed by us all) RIP

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To his family, to all who knew Dan, and all those who only knew him through the wide range of models which he put together so caringly and skilfully, and shared so enjoyably, I would say take comfort from this:


He has slid down the launching slip from this Earth, and is now voyaging to that great shipyard in the sky, where models become reality, and the only limit is the capacity of one's imagination. This life is but one anchorage on the long voyage we all take amongst the stars, and the time will come when we will meet again, in some far distant haven, and we can reminisce of models past, and models future.....


Au revoir, Dan, a bientot. 


Mark P

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So sorry to hear about Dan's passing. His were among the logs that I combed through in detail (particularly HMS Vulture) over my years here on MSW and I received some valuable assistance from him on a couple of occasions. He was an embodiment of this forum's spirit of generosity in passing down knowledge and keeping this hobby alive for future generations. Thank you Dan! And rest in peace.


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I had the great pleasure and privilege of knowing Danny personally, but had lost touch with him recently.  As we would say over here, "He'd give you the shirt off his back".  Danny's passing is a very sad loss to all who knew him, to our forum and to the model making world at large.



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