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Beagle by nice-vans - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:60 - first wooden ship, built in a month

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Hello all! 
I was recently commissioned to complete the Occre creative 1:60th HMS beagle kit for a cruise ship. 
I was given the commission early January for completion early February. This was my first real experience of working on a timber ship kit and it was great fun. The kit was lovely and I'd happily build it again, albeit at a slower pace.  
The ship is now gone and on its way to sail the seas of the Galapagos.

due to the short timeframe on this project i had to take several modelling shortcuts which I'm sure stick out like a sore thumb but should be invisible to the general public.  
I also need to give some general thanks to those of you on this forum as your build logs were a great resource for me when doing the material and timescale research needed before taking on the commission. 










87767087_10212548928237694_2885394140810444800_n (1).jpg

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3 hours ago, mtaylor said:

That was a fast build and it came out looking great.  Were you working 24/7 on it or were you able to sleep and eat?

I think I averaged it out to around 5 hours a day, 3.5 days a week.  There were some all nighters towards the end (mostly making alterations for the client) but overall it was fairly leisurely :)

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