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USS Constitution by DCooper - Revell - PLASTIC - 1/96

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I really like the detail on the copper hull plating... it's probably the best wash technique I have seen.  It almost looks like a dry brushing of black paint.  I would be interested to know more on the technique you used.  

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Thank you for your interest in my long stalled Constitution.  I don't visit this forum as much as I would like.


 While not abandoned, I have had to put the Constitution into cold storage so to speak.  I have pulled the kit out on many occasions over the last few years but as my desire to build a top notch model far, far exceeded both my skill and available time to model .  I have sadly returned her to the to do latter shelf.  Over the last year or so I have had a radical rethinking of just what I would like to accomplish with my models and have started to make rules or limits as to what scale of project I will take on.  How this relates to this build is that once I clear some projects from my work bench I will be re starting this build with a much more focused approach to just what level of detail I can reasonably finish in a given amount of time.  As an example I will remove much of the rigging I have added to the guns as it is, clumsy, over scale and cannot be readily seen on the finished model.  Anything that is not easily seen will be omitted and that which is will be simplified as much as possible with an eye to what will look good and can be build quickly.  There are so many wonderful Constitution builds that I have been reading incorporating outstanding levels of detail that if I try and follow that path I will end in madness, frustration and in the end a poor model to show for my efforts.   Better to distill the best ideas I can and get something built.  


If I do have any skill it is painting and that is where I will focus my efforts.  I will continue to treat each new part like it's own separate miniature and keep painting with multiple thin coats of acrylics, glazes and washes.  Until then I'll keep reading and learning from the many excellent builders on this forum.  A huge thank you to you all for sharing such fantastic models.



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Very nice build. Really like the added details. 


Two years ago I returned to my Connie model that I'd shelved for nearly 50 years, and completed her. It was like getting back together with an old high school girlfriend. Whenever it is that you get back to your build you'll enjoy the reunion (although, she'll seem a bit different then from now). Hope it isn't too long from now. 


Just a suggestion:  I found after time that some critical components don't hold a styrene cement bond thru the years.  Maybe it was the fault of the modelmaker.  I found that all my pinrails, fife rails and channels needed reinforcing when they became subjected to the rigors of the rigging process. Very frustrating to have half your lines attached to a rail that then breaks off. In all my builds since then. I bore fine holes and run a pair of metal pins thru the rail and into the hull and secure with CA. 

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