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Does anyone know how compasses would be positioned when the wheel is snugged up against a companionway with no room for a binnacle cabinet?  The only thing I can think of is they are somehow built into the companionway or on a stand of some sort.  Thank you for any input.

Jalouse deck.jpg

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This the binnacle I built for my Endeavor (1770); this solution puts the binnacle over the skylight, with a compass either side, to allow for the helmsman to steer depending on where the wind was from.  The binnacle is unlikely to go over a companion as the crew need to enter/leave via the companion hatch.  However it could back into the other side and would therefore be a small construction.





1323999605_BinnacleFront.jpg.e8d7dd845bbbfe1e43ce3210860cac99.jpg  318467557_BinnacleMounted.jpg.3e91f6352993d9e4a8983db8a39073fa.jpg

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Thank you very much Pat.  Looks like a neat solution and a very nice Endeavor.   The Jalouse Admiralty drawings show a ladderway directly in front of the companion and Caldercraft places the capstan in approximately the same position.  It appears there are no options to place a binnacle forward whether I follow the plans or the kit design.  I think modelers 200 years from now will be very lucky.  They'll have 1000s of clear digitized photos of pretty much any subject.  When building a model of an ancient 2020 automobile they'll clearly see where the steering wheel is and even the font used on the speedometer 🙂

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