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US Brig Syren by WalrusGuy - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64 - Second wooden ship build

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Just received my order from Syren Ship Model Company for some ropes and wheel. This is just about half the ropes I need since they were out of stock when I got them, so I'll order more once I start the rigging section which probably take a while 😅




Still deciding on whether to order blocks or just use the kit supplied ones

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1 hour ago, Justin P. said:

Definitely get the blocks.  

K, just placed the order for some blocks and more rope 😁


I think I'll just purchase all the blocks except for the 3/32" single blocks since it got too pricey. I also saw the instructions for the deadeyes and it seems that a block tumbler is needed to assemble them, so I'll just use the kit ones for this. I believe Peter also did the same for his Syren, and it turned out spectacular!

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6 hours ago, abelson said:

Nice work on the pin rails. Good idea on using the scrap wood for setting the rails at the same height. Wish i had thought of that. 


Thanks Steven! I also liked your idea of using the plans as a template to mark locations of the details. I was too lazy to photocopy them so I just eye-balled their locations..... probably not the best way to do things 😅, but I did use a caliper once in a while 😁


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I finished gluing the eyebolts into position. Not much to describe here, so here are some photos:








Next is the cleats. I have no idea how to drill holes by hand (using a pin vise) into the cleats to pin them for a secure fit. The drill bit just keeps sliding.... I guess I will just glue them without the pin and try to treat them delicately

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15 hours ago, VTHokiEE said:

Can you make a small indentation with another tool to stabilize the bit?

Thanks so much! Your advice worked!! I guess I didn't apply much pressure to indent before but this time I put more pressure. Here's a pic and the indent tool I used. The black strip will be used to support it. Thanks again! 



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11 hours ago, Matt D said:

Your Syren looks terrific!  Nice work.


10 hours ago, SkerryAmp said:

That is some fantastic craftsmanship - can't wait to see more!

Thank you for the compliments Matt and Adam :), and thanks all for the likes!

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Some more small bits of progress. I have started to stick the carronades on top of the sleds. I'm still deciding whether it is worthwhile to install the pivot pin.. 


To paint the lugs I just "beaded" them through a wire and painted with watered down red paint to quicken the process 




To simulate the elevation screw, I used toothpicks which were sanded down to fit the corresponding holes, and 0.45mm holes were drilled through them to accept the wire for the handle. I deviated from the instructions a bit where I installed the elevation pin, then the lugs. This was done just to make sure I have the same angle on all the guns. The lugs were then glued once the guns were installed to ensure they rest flat on the sleds





So far the starboard side of canons have been assembled. 





Looking outside the hull, the carronades can be seen to not be completely in line with one another. I may have to stick a small strip of wood below the sleds in which the guns seem to be lower than the rest. I hope this fixes the issue...





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11 hours ago, WalrusGuy said:

I finished assembling all the carronades. I tried to adjust the angle of the guns so they are more in line with each other. Here are some pics 




















Next I'll be rigging them, and will glue them in place as I progress with the rigging 

Nice crisp work.

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13 hours ago, abelson said:

Nice crisp work.


5 hours ago, Retired guy said:

Very nice update Wally guns look very sharp 👍 also like your pictures shows your work off very well.





2 hours ago, Overworked724 said:

Nice idea using the laser cut piece, Wally!  Wonderful work!,,

Thank you all for the very nice comments!! It's very much appreciated! 😊

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On 9/8/2020 at 5:44 AM, Gahm said:

It always looks very impressive when the whole battery is in place for the first time! Your Syren got her teeth now 🙂



She is definitely starting to look deadly :10_1_10:


On 9/8/2020 at 8:28 AM, Overworked724 said:

I think she looks marvelous and gives me more motivation to continue with my own build!  Nice progress!!!!

Thanks for the great comment Patrick! 

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I finished preparing the blocks for the tackles. This was a task I would not like to do again 😅, especially sanding each of the 128 blocks to be rounded, and hand-drilling a hole on each one (using a pin vice 😬). Good thing I distracted myself by watching one of the greatest shows created, the Sopranos!


To finish up the blocks, I brushed them with a bit of tung oil (the untreated blocks looked a bit unfinished imo).


To create the hooks, I used the pin of a compass and some pliers. Hopefully the following sets of images can explain the process better:




The tail bit was then cut off:




Then used pliers and the compass pin to bend it:












This process was time consuming at first, but got quicker as I got more practice making 127 more of these 😄


The hooks were then glued to the blocks using a bit of superglue:






Lastly, I found that the eyebolts glued to the canons were too small for the breech lines. So... I had to deconstruct these parts, use the compass pin again to make them larger, then glue them back. I will also need to do this to the bottom eyebolt pairs on the bulwarks. After this is done, I can finally start the actual rigging!


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