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St. Caterina by Hellmuht Schrader – FINISHED - 1/12 - Small Ship - Monography by Franco Fissore - Plans by Ancre

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My New project is the St Caterina.  It is a Mediterranean fishing vessel.  Plans from Ancre.  I started it since October and is well advance so far. 

  1. I decided this time to go after a old fashion diorama
  2. New tech to aging wood (At least for me)
  3. New tech for nails  (Also at least for me)


Please don't hesitate to make comments


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Once the planking is done I proceeded applying danish oil......


Then with a drill wire brush I went to mark the wood as it was a real weathering or attrition.....


Then..... with cement grout (not that liquid) I proceeded to “paint” the hull. Wait until it is almost dry. Make sure that the grout is going to all the scratches you made with the wire brush


The with a cloth or kitchen towel take the grout surplus.... The result should be lake this...



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The nailing has been done with sewing pins. 

To the main hull, I cut them. Flat them with a sander belt and blue them. Also I decided to tape the hull in order to protect it. As a drill bit I used one of those pins, it worked really well, and the hole was perfect to ensure the pins.



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Today I’ll show you the process I used to build the benches.


First, I cut the templates



With the belt sander and router, I finished all of them but the middle one, which has this middle circle, where the mast will located








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Now is time for the top of the gunwale.......at this time you have to realize that the plans are a “little different” to reality...... then make your hull been your reference,  You will realize also that the two sides are not completely identical so..... try your best for make those differences “unnoticeable”



Of course... we have to aged them.....For this I took a note about where the oars should work, the ropes will work and I put a little more attention to those sites.....


Also I needed to fabricate some cleats.....




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You're doing a fantastic job on this beautiful model! I'm hope to be able to eventually begin to build a model from scratch and this model is one that I have been thinking about. Do you think this would be a good model for a first time scratch build?

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Hi bob


I don’t know if you got my message.  Yes I would say that the armed longboat and the St Caterina are the “right” way to start.  The armed longboat has a lot of videos, tutorials in YouTube.  Most in Spanish but graphically well explained 



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