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New model ship builder in town!

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Hi everyone!


My name is Romulus, i'm 31 years old and i live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


My main profession? I'm a professional ballet dancer at the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca for 13 years. I study balet since i was 10 so that makes over 20 years of my life dedicated to this wonderful art. Besides that, i have developed a passion for hobbies, and i'm constantly chasing new challenges. One of my main hobbies is aquascaping, i've been doing it for three years now and i'm getting pretty good at it. Other hobbies that i have are photography, bushcraft, cooking and many more but these are my main ones. 


We're living hard times now with this horrible pandemic and we have to do everything in our powers to get over it and back to our normal lives. Since there is a major national emergency situation in my country, people are only allowed to do their necessary grocery shopping near their homes and take care of other people in need. Basically we're forced to stay locked in our homes most of the time until everything comes back to normal. My job is on hold until the whole coronavirus thing goes away because the Opera house auditorium holds 1.000 people and the current restriction is for maximum 8 persons indoors. I won't be resuming work anytime soon. Anyway, this is the time i got this new passion: model ship building. And i'm pretty serious about it.


It all started from a conversation with my girlfriend's parents... we were talking about what kind of indoor activities can we do since this is going to be a looong isolation. And then her father told me that he knows a guy that's been working on this wooden model ship for a couple of years now and still hasn't finished. That literally lit a spark in my mind and i've told him that i will try to build one myself. Two obvious reasons made me do it... 1. i'm a passionate hobbyist and 2. i always accept a challenge if it captures my interest. And the challenge was that he told me not to do it because it's hard 😆. Challenge accepted!


So then i did my research and i've looked up on the internet for retailers of model ship kits in my country (there are a few). My eye was attracted by the Lady Nelson, the Mayflower and the Santa Maria, all by Amati / Victory Models, there was also a ship called the Buccaneer by Occre, and a few other ships manufactured by Constructo. These are the only (quality) manufacturers that retailers sell in Romania. And then i thought i should search the internet again for opinions on which of these three makers was of better quality and other aspects that might influence the building phase and i found modelshipworld.com. Man is this a gold mine!


After spending almost 100 hours reading through the topics and build logs and articles in the database i have decided to go with Lady Nelson because it was my favorite of the ones mentioned and there were many build logs available so i could get some inspiration and info. I called the retailer and sadly, it was out of stock (haven't updated their site), so was the Mayflower, but they still had one kit of the Santa Maria. Couldn't find a build log for the Buccaneer by Occre and the ships made by Constructo seemed of a poorer quality compared to Amati, so i've decided to buy the kit form Amati - Santa Maria. The guy from the shop also said it's a good beginner's kit.


Gathered some tools that i had laying around and bought some more online and had the kit delivered a few days ago. All set up and ready to go! I'm pretty enthusiastic about it and i know i will face many troubles during the construction, but i have fate in this forum's members that they will help me get over everything that comes in my way until i finish it. Yep! I won't give up, i'll take my time, do some more research and hope not to bug you with stupid questions. So far i've read every article in the database, some of them twice, and tens of build logs on different ship models. I'm confident that i will be doing things right and won't disappoint anyone.


I will start a build log and will constantly post pictures of the progress and hopefully i will end it with a beautiful display of my hard work.


Long story short, here's what i have so far... more tools on the way










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Welcome, Romulus! Modelmaking will help pass the time for all of us. Here in North America the performing arts are also shut down. It's very frustrating for all the artists preparing for the summer season. I can sympathize with your situation. You'll find lots of help when you need it here.

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Welcome, and it is interesting that you are a professional ballet dancer, and are interested in this hobby.  I have three daughters who studied ballet for many years; one of whom still dances professionally.   I don't think any of them would start a ship model! 


As druxey says, any help you may need is available here, and I hope you will continue after the "shut down" is over.  



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Welcome aboard! As an avid football fan, I have actually read the name of your city a few times, i.e. CFR Cluj, in the European continental competitions. I hope you enjoy your attempt at our hobby and wish you every success.



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Welcome aboard Romulus, and thank you very  much for sharing a little about yourself.   Your profession got me to wondering what professions are covered across our membership of over 30,000.  I imagine it is quite diverse and extremely interesting.   

Again Bine ati venit


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Welcome to MSW, Romulus.


You'll love the Santa Maria. That was one of the first models I built and you shouldn't find it too difficult. The Lady Nelson and the other Amati/Victory Models kits were designed by @chris watton so hopefully you'll be able to follow this up with one of those too, or one from his new range. 


Time to hunker down while this virus thing is raging. Hope you have plenty of toilet paper 🤣

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcoming!


@rlb Glad to hear that at least one of your daughters continued with ballet. Our kind is prone to extinction so every one of us counts. I bet you are very proud of her and i suggest to never give up on supporting what she does. Good luck in her career and good health!


@Ryland Craze I will start my build log today and am waiting for some tips and guidance as i've already stumbled upon some slight problems with the kit. I'll post pictures and detailed information there.


@ccoyle I'm not so much into football but i'm proud of this team's achievements. Glad to hear that the world knows about my city... By the way my city is growing fast and it's the first most popular city in Romania. Bucharest got outcompeted because Cluj is the first SMART city in the country. Our mayor constantly upgrades the city and increases life quality for its citizens. Nice place to visit if you plan a trip to Europe. Romania in fact is a marvel of nature so do think about putting it on your travel list.


Glad to be part of this community and looking forward to making new friends. People here seem to be "infected" with kindness 😊


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