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1:64 Fifie fishing boat - Vanguard Models

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1:64 Fifie Fishing Boat, 'Lady Eleanor' - KIT PREVIEW
Vanguard Models 
**Coming soon**


To be released at the same time as the Vanguard Models' 1:64 Zulu fishing boat, reviewed HERE, will be the traditional sail version of the Fifie. Again, this kit is aimed at the beginner, but with materials and detail that will appeal to the more experienced modeller too. Having more or less built the Zulu, I can tell you that I had great fun doing so! The kit will be supplied with lime planking for the first layer, and pear planking for the second, as standard, plus pear for the keep and numerous other elements such as inner bulwark facings and superstructure parts. Timber quality is excellent throughout, as are the fittings etc. As with Zulu, this Fifie was shipped to me without the plan sets which are currently being worked on, and without the box or instructions. This kit I have here will be built for the instruction manual you will be provided with. 

The Fifie contains:


  • 2 x 3mm MDF sheets
  • 2 x 1mm pear sheets
  • 1 x 2mm pear sheet
  • 1 x 3mm pear sheet
  • 1 x 2mm acetate sheet
  • 1 x 0.8mm ply (single part)
  • 1 x 0.7mm maple or lime wood laser cut/engraved deck (lime is standard)
  • 1 x 0.4mm PE sheet
  • Timber strip
  • Rigging cord, parrel beads, rigging blocks


MDF sheets
Two 3mm sheets are supplied, and as you can see, these also include engraved bearding lines etc. All parts are laser engraved with numbers too. Cutting is clean and it won't take more than quick knife cut to release the various elements. You will also see parts for the winch, temporary clamps for the keel, and superstructure core parts. Note that the bulkheads have a recess into which the deck will click, meaning no pesky nailing down at the edges.








2 x 1mm Pear sheets

These sheets contain superstructure external facings, inner bulwarks in two parts each, and also keel facing parts. After the main keel is fitted, these sit on top, with tabs to locate them. This creates a rebate into which the second layer of pear planking will set. It's a neat idea and worked great on my Zulu. Note the 'Lady Eleanor' plates that fit on the boat's bow. 






1 x 1.5mm pear sheet
This small sheet just contains the timberheads for the inner bulwarks. 




1 x 3mm pear sheet
Like Zulu, the Fifie has a single sheet of 3mm pear. Here you will find the keel parts, foremast step and crutch, rudder, and elements for mounting the boat's wheel etc.





1 x 2mm acetate sheet
This model also comes with a clear acetate display stand. Just peel off the protective blue film and slot together!




1 x 0.8mm ply (single part)
The deck is supplied in two layers with this ply deck being what you glue to the hull carcass. Like my Zulu, this will just click into place nicely. I even added glue after this was fitted!




1 x 0.7mm maple or lime wood laser cut/engraved deck
My kit was supplied with a maple deck which is at a slight extra cost to the standard kit. A laser-engraved limewood deck is standard.





1 x 0.4mm PE sheet
One sheet of PE is included. Here you will find parts for the winch (plates, mechanism box and whelps), rigging points, boat wheel and keel plate for the bow.




Timber strip
All timber is high quality. Here you will find both layers of planking and the rubbing strakes.DSC_1793.jpg




Rigging cord, parrel beads, rigging blocks

0.25 and 0.5mm natural cord is included, as are the various blocks and fittings etc. Please excuse the inaccurate number of blocks in these photos are my Zulu blocks are also in there and not yet separated. 





Optional sails
If you want to finish your fisher with sails, and they do look great on this type of model, then they will be available as an optional extra. These are cotton-based and pre-made with a bolt rope etc.





Lastly, here's a photo of Chris's prototype Fifie. 

I'll be starting mine tomorrow.










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