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What size single block is needed for 1:250 scale ship?

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I am building a paper model of the USCG Eagle scale 1:250 and want to purchase wooden blocks for the rigging but have no idea what size to buy.


The smallest I have seen advertised is 2mm long, would that look okay?


Any suggestions are welcome.

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At 1:250 scale a 2mm block works out to be about 20 inches which is a pretty big block.  It would be used for a line of about 2 inch diameter.


That being said, I think the 2mm blocks would probably look good. I don't think you are going to find any smaller unless you want to substitute tiny beads.



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I'd guess the normal blocks on the Eagle would be about 8 inch to 12 inch, or 0.032 inch or 0.048 inch at 1:250 scale.


You could try cutting short lengths of small diameter hypodermic tubing and flattening them with pliers (with a length of wire in the opening to keep a hole for the line to pass through. This should give a fairly uniform size. You could then lead the running line through the hole and tie the standing part around the block.


You would need to experiment with tube diameter to get the "right" size after it is flattened. Aluminum tubing should flatten easily around a steel wire and still leave a hole the diameter of the wire.


You might look through jewelry supplies - they sometimes have bags of 50 to 100 pieces of short small diameter tube spacers. They don't call them spacers but have a jewelry name for the, but they are spacers anyway.


I have never tried this so you are on your own.




If you do come up with a clever way to make tiny uniform sized blacks be sure to post a thread telling us how you did it!

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I am going to try using 1 mm beads as suggested by Henry. 

My wife has a large assortment of beads and findings that I was unaware of.


If that doesn't work I will use a dollop of glue as suggested by Chris. 


Thanks to everyone for your input.



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Bogey Golfer -  Hope you are as lucky as us and your favorite course is open.


Do you have Lloyd McCaffery's book  Ships in Miniature?  He typically builds at 1:192 and smaller and has a TON of tricks and methods for the rigging, including the lines as well as blocks and deadeyes.  In short he uses punches of various diameters to punch blocks and deadeyes from Bristol board in various thicknesses.   Lloyd's work is incredible, right down to making assembled gratings at scales to 1:384.   Anyone building a model smaller than 1:100 would be well served to have this book on their shelf.


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The golf courses in North Carolina are considered essential businesses, according to the Governor, so they are open.  Of course there are a bunch of new distancing rules in place at my course, including one player per riding cart.  


Allan, you have provided me with yet another option, thank you.  Hit them straight and far.


Building this kit is a one time endeavor for me, I don't belong working in this scale with my tired old eyes.

I was so excited to find the kit I did not pay attention to the scale, lesson learned. 



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