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Alfa Romeo Spider Gran Touring by Grant - Pocher - Scale 1:8

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Ric - no primer/base is required at all. This was sprayed on bare plastic. Tests I’ve watched on YouTube show basically no difference if a black base is used first. I know that with the Vallejo Metal Colours, they call for a gloss black base primer, but this stuff just doesn’t seem to need it.

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A Minor Update


I have decided not to install the body work until the steering wheel is in place, and I can’t do that until the centre hub arrives. This was ordered on Sep 08 and made it as far as Miami FL by Sep 09. There has been no tracking movement since, so I’m kinda stuck until the postal system works itself out.


In the meantime, I’ve finished off all the remaining small bits of work that I could.


First up, I decided to temporarily connect the Headlight wiring to test that to see if it works. As you can see in the picture below, it does! 




The headlights are turned on by inserting the key in the dash as seen in the next photo.




The front horn assembly was next. This actually required the temporary installation of the main body panels and fender panels so that the cross brace could be fitted, and the ends angled to match the fenders. In the photo below, you can see the mixture of plastic and metal parts. It is nigh on impossible to discern a colour difference between the two materials.




The rear licence plate was then assembled, using an aftermarket decal from Model Motorcars for the rego number. It is held onto the fender with only two screws – the other two are dummies.




The front of the fenders are also fitted with small lights. While these parts look simple, there is once again a fit issue that requires some delicate work to rectify. Here they are installed:




The front nose was then assembled. Three additional decals from Model Motorcars were used here – one for the Alfa Romeo emblem and two for the radiator cap.




This close up shows that there has been some damage to the Alfa Romeo emblem. Fortunately, two were provided on the decal sheet from Model Motorcars, so I should be able to replace this one. The front side of the radiator cap has a St Christopher medal – a bit hard to see in the photo, but it’s there:




The back of the radiator cap has a temperature gauge, again in the form of a decal from Model Motorcars:




And that is as far as I can go until the Steering Wheel hub arrives…

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Fantastic detailing, Grant! The Model Motor Cars "upgrades" are very expensive but the fine details they add seem to be worth it to me. I have no idea when I will attempt to build my model, but I have an idea that it will be the most expensive model I ever build after looking at all the model enhancements offered by them. 

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Thanks guys,


Bob - yes, the Model Motorcars stuff is very expensive and one could easily spend waaay to much on “upgrades”. I think there are a few that are really worthwhile (like the steering wheel) and then there are a lot that one might question whether they are really necessary. And there will be differences between the various kits as to which fall into which category. Paul Koo advises making these decisions at the start of the build. Good advice - but if you have no previous experience, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line. It’s compounded for me because of the additional cost of postage each time I decide I want that extra $5 part, or you do as I did - buy the steering wheel and only realise later that you really need the hub to go with it! I might do a summary of “lessons learned” at the end of this build, including a summary of the “upgrades” I’ve done.


I look forward to seeing the start of your build Bob. If your other work so far is anything to go by, it will be an outstanding build to follow.

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Thanks Denis,


The chassis stands are an after market part from Model Motorcars. Quite expensive for what they are and I’m sure they could be made quite easily by most builders. I wasn’t sure how useful they would be but they are proving to be worthwhile. For my next one, I’ll probably make my own (if these don’t fit the other chassis).

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