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Thank you Eduard an for all the likes.

I have sanded the hull to 400 grid an give it 3 coast of water base satin latex translucent paint. I sanded the bulk guards as per instructions and added the reference cap rails except for the waste. 
Thought I will remove the slay to get better pictures.




















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Thank you Reg, Don and Bob and for the likes.  I assure you there are plenty of flaws but I think they are ok.

I added the stern post the transom and upper counter.  I have planned the painting patter ahead of time and some sections were painted before they were glued.









The cap rail on top of the transom took a long time but the effort was wort it.





The circular ports were enlarged to match the transom plate.




Next reinforce the upper counter to start the Qgallery.








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Thank you Rusty, Steve and Jorge and for all do click the likes.

I do agree she is a beauty but most of the credit goes to Chuck’s wonderful design.

I started the Qgalleries, I used the guide to mark the placement of the first peace.



I found that the lower part of the Qgallery was easier to build upside down.





The false window in the Transom was added next.  I decided to paint the windows white.  Not as fancy as Beckman’s ivory windows but they look ok.






The toilet, upper part for the ceiling and the little stop peace were added next (thank you Chuck for giving us multiple copies of this peaces).





Looking from the top to be sure it was aligned as Chuck instructed.




The pillars for the windows went next (probably 4 hours to get this right). Windows are not glued and will be painted white.




lots of thinking and going slow was the best strategy as Chuck have suggested.


I am working in drawing the freezes by hand.  Thank you Beckman for giving me you PDF files.  They contain most of the model elements.  I realized the figures are Mer people inspired by mermaids and fish that appeared in 18th century cartography and are represented in Europe’s fountain sculptures.



The Fontana di Trevi is a good example.  I will use those to improve the figures in the freezes.  My first pencil draft is bellow, simplified to be a freeze component,







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Thank you Fred and for all the likes.

My plan is to draw and hand paint the figures at 3x to 5x and turn them into digital images I could shrink to size and place to fit the freezes.

I have collected a bunch of images I like from sculptures and I am drafting them. I will post the paintings as I go.
here is another drafted in an office PosIt  at about 3x


Bellow I adde the window seals 




The roof piece goes in 




Slate shingles with some weathering looking paint 


This help me build the Transom more confortable.


All the moldings are in and the red decoration on to of the window frames; need to touch up the paint a little.  Painted black the top of the frames.



A good  view of the moldings. I added some read on the arches in the side windows. I have seen that in contemporary models.



I am holding on with some moldings which I will add when the freezes are ready.

Next the widow columns.










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Thanks Matt, most of the credit goes to Chuck’s beautiful design.

Thank you for those that are following my posts and for all the likes.

I added the columns to the galleries. This was a lot of delicate work wit mini chisels and diamond files.



The resin figures were painted as recommended by Chuck.  I used an artist brush to add the stain into the shadow areas of the figures.  Then I removed the stain to create highlights with a silicon artist brush.   After 24 hours the figures were sealed.  I got a macro lenses for my phone, you could see where the stain accumulated.  In some areas you could see doted lines which are left by 3D printing or Jack’s 3D carving.





The picture below shows a before and after to show best the effect. 


My intend was to match as much as posible the colors of the surrounding wood.  The detail of this carvings are amazing; for example the leave Coronas around the circular gun ports are not identical but rather mirror image of each other.  Jack’s attention to detail shows up very clear.  The windows fit was perfect thanks to those spacers used during construction.




The quarter galleries got the same treatment.  I added the acetate film after cleaning the laser char with alcohol.  I glued the windows before adding the top and bottom parts of the columns.  


In the picture bellow, you could see how nicely the gallery and Qgallery windows align.  Gallery windows are not glued.



I paid special attention to the placement of the feet and heads of the main figures and carved the moldings whit mini chisels to accommodate them.  I noticed that Jack rolled the tail fin of the fish to fit the molding so I followed the placement of the fish as in the plans.  Everything got sealed with Testor’s matte seal.



I chose to paint black behind the corner figures to enhance the contrast and it payed off.  The molding around the figures were carved with mini chisels for a title fit



Once the darks behind the gallery windows build up the white paint will show best.  I am planning to use a little white here and there in the model because I will plank the deck with holly.




Next I will add the hand painted freezes.  I have collected a bunch of Mer figures that I will add.  




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Wow, thank you Michael, Jean-Paul, JJ, and Rusty for your comments.

Rusty, you have mentioned you used holly for decking before.  Are there do’s and dont’s for Holly? Does the same blade in the table saw used for Yellow Cedar, will work?

I worked today in a draft for the Qgallery freeze.  Bellow is my starting point.  Which me luck to turn this into a 4 color rendition with paint a brushes.  The pencil draft is at 5X scale.




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Hi G.

I use a 90 teeth per inch (TPI) blade when I rip either holly, or the pear I'm currently building with. The holly is harder than the cedar but for me I don't really see that you'd do anything differently. Your drawing is really nice. I can't even draw a stick figure.  

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Thank you Rusty.

I have completed the Q gallery freeze and I am happy with the result so I will give it a go to paint all.

The final freeze will be smaller than the one below.  I added some extra turquoise green to the margins to make the picture bigger than needed just in case.



The original was painted at 5X and the figure was inspired by a fountain sculpture in Europe.  It needs a little touch up but it is almost done.



I will make to copies one mirror image for the other Q gallery and insert the image in Chuck’s PDF file to get it to the correct size to print.


Next the upper transom





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